Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weekend Round Up #21 - the SDCC Edition

San Diego Comic Con...ah, the nerds, the geeks, the cosplay, the lines...I missed it this year and my feelings on this are mixed. You see, the year I turned thirty I bought myself tickets to go there as a present to myself. And last year I went again (all four days this time). However, this year I had conflicting schedules. First, my school break did not line up. And, more importantly, I have senior classes and this term is the busiest academic wise. So, I made an important decision to forego SDCC this year but next year - San Diego I will be in you... (fingers crossed.)

So, since I couldn't be there I was following tweets, tumbles, Facebook pages and more just to keep up to date with all the new stuff in the world of nerds, geeks and general awesome people. Since there is so much stuff I'm just going to pop up some of the first things that I saw.

The new cast line up for Game of Thrones.

The GoT panels are always great to get into and the free stuff is always good. And, the videos as well. I love how they are introduce themselves and talk about how excited they are (though some just look scared). Kesha Castle Hughes is also a kiwi so, yay New Zealand.

Then there was the first reveal of Gal Godot as Wonder Woman for the new Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still not sure how I feel about that title and, also, not sure about the costume but at least it's a step in the right direction.

Another great thing about SDCC is the off site stuff for those who couldn't get badges or those who need a break from the crowds. Nerd HQ, which is run by Zachary Levi, always has a site set up where they raise money for Operation Smile. (Since I was born with a cleft lip and palate I support this group!)

The lovely people over at The Mary Sue  have a series of links and embedded clips from there if you want to see some click on the link above.

Oh the Horns trailer dropped:

Other news included Maisie Williams possibly being cast as Ellie for The Last of Us film.

I love the game and I love her as an actress but I'm not sure whether the game needs to be made into a film. Though, if I'm honest, I'm still going to see it.

There was so much more that shown and dropped and I think there is still one day left. (Bloody confusing these time zone things.) I did hear that the TMNT clips did not go down well. At first I still thought I would go and see it but, from the images I've, I'm sorry but Megan Fox is not April O'Neil. Just no.

So - what did you see that was interesting? Any cosplayers stand out?

Peace and pancakes,
(Speaking of pancakes, I've just finished baking Apple and Cinnamon Muffins...yum.)


  1. I watched GoT panel in Hall H online today. It was very entertaining.

    1. They always are. I love Hall H and the free stuff is normally pretty good. Last year we got a tee shirt, book, bag, season pass on HBO (no good to us kiwis) and a neat little notebook. :)