Sunday, 20 July 2014

Weekend Round Up #20

It's back to school tomorrow so I thought I would restart my weekend round up series...I promise I'll get better at this...

Okay - first up is come DC news. Mainly the redesign of Batgirl. I'm really excited by the new design. Check it out.

Can I just get a slow clap for the detachable, short cape and boots. Not heels, stilettos or anything silly like that. This just looks a lot more practicable. It could just be me but I really like this design. I also feel like it would be great to cosplay. (Note to self - find yellow boots.)

Next we have a youtube series called Spooked. You can find the other episodes on Felicia Day's great channel Geek & Sundry. Basically, it follows a group of adults and a young "Carol Anne" type girl as they go ghost hunting and so on. It's actually really well done and has some familiar faces.

Watch the first episode and enjoy. There are currently four episodes up and I'm really enjoying it. There is a great mix of comedy and a hint of drama. Plus, anything Felicia Day does I'll watch. She's a bit of an idol - well, role model more than idol cause that word scares me a little.

If you've been away from the internet for a while you may not realise that the brilliance that is Weird Al Yankovic has been releasing a song/music video everyday for the last few days. He's releasing eight in total and we are up to six if I remember correctly. I posted the clip to "Word Crimes" yesterday but I thought I'd post another one on here and I've been tossing up between "Foil" which is a parody of New Zealand's own "Royals" by Lorde or "Handy" which is his take on "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea.

I went with "Foil" - and, at the end, you may see why. I've been a fan of Weird Al since I was a wee sprog. My dad was the person who introduce him to me and I've been buying his albums ever since. He is a very talented man with a great sense of humour.

Now I must admit, I'm a little sad this year because I'm normally over in California at this time and gearing up to go to the one and only San Diego Comic Con but due to school commitments and bad timing I am unable to go so I'm going to be relying heavily on twitter and all the great geeky themed websites to keep me up to date. This leads into my next round up and I'm sure many of you have seen this picture of SDCC from 1983.

(Source Tuckerpete)

But look at that queue. Oh for the days when this was the crowd...well, I would have only just turned one in 1983. I truly love SDCC and wish I could be there but I also wish I could have seen it from the start. Ah my mum always says, "dreams are free."

And finally, here is another clip from the new series Gotham which is supposed to start in September in the US. I don't know when it will start in New Zealand but it has my interest at the moment...It looks dark, gritty and it may, actually, be good...

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm about to settle in and watch some episodes of Supernatural or maybe play a little Portal 2

Peace and Pancakes,

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