Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekend Roundup 6

Things that I liked this week vary. It's been a strange week, let me tell you that much.

1. First up is this guy who took a Polaroid of himself everyday from 1979 until his died. It's a beautiful piece and a wonderful idea.

Mental Floss article
Here's the actual website.

It's a little bit heartbreaking but well worth a look, especially for nostalgia's sake.

2. Next it's an indie game that I found called Fish Listening to Radio. It's a simple game where you just have to move a fish around and make it eat the worms of the hooks as they are going down and avoid hooks going up. The graphics are simple and hand drawn but it's a lot of fun. Go, play, have fun. You're welcome.

3. Next it's a video from one of my favourite YouTube channels CDZA. They always create these great and educational music videos such as 'the history of whistling' or 'misheard lyrics'. Anyway, they are brilliant and talented and, for Valentine's Day, they created two videos. I'll link you to the first one but you must go and subscribe to their channel to see all the awesomeness.

4. Then there is this cover by Christina Bianco. It's Let It Go from Disney's Frozen.  She does impressions - check out her divas.

I love anyone who can do impressions and can sing really well. I admit that I am a little bit jealous.

5. And then there is this artist who has stitched a Star Wars 'Bayeux' tapestry. Seriously, I'd love this to be in my house...unfortunately, I don't have the space nor the money for such extravagence.

Read more and see more at Click me!

Hope some of these bring a smile to your face this weekend, or what's left of it.

Peace and pancakes,

P.S. I'm going to do a proper blog post hopefully before next weekend. :)


  1. That Let It Go video was really impressive. To be able to sing well in all of those styles is just amazing. Also that fish game had me at 'hand drawn graphics.' Don't ask me why, but I'm a complete sucker for that.

    1. She is very impressive. The game was addictive and I found myself humming the tune under my breath.