Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weekend Round Up #7

Seriously, how fast did this week go. I really have no recollection of time for this week...

But that won't stop me from launching into the Round Up.

The first thing that had me, literally, squeeing was the drop of the full Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

I'm not going to lie, I am so excited for this film. Only, I feel like I need a whole host of fans to see it at the same cinema. Watch and enjoy. Yeah!

Also, look at the poster:

I just feel as if Marvel definitely has it's sh*t together. (Excuse the swearing...)

Now, I love me some great cosplay but this next one is so adorable I would wear it to teach...

Tumblr user Katsucon blogged this. Seriously, this is some amazing design. I'm a little jealous. And, yes, I would definitely cosplay at school. Definitely.

Next on the list - I've never seen the Tonight Show or anything, mainly because I barely get seven channels on the Freeview over here but Jimmy Fallon's Ragtime Gals cover of "Ignition (Remix)" is truly classy.

Then, moving from fun to terrifying is photographer Nicholas Bruno who suffered from sleep paralysis. He has used his experiences and sleep journals and channeled them into some stunning and terrifying photos.

I can't share the photos here but if you go to his website (link above) you will see some amazing stuff.   His portfolio is just fascinating. It also makes me a little jealous.

And, finally, check out this website Imaginism Studios for some of the cutest illustrations ever. The work is well drawn and imaginative (hence the name...) I would love to have this skill at drawing and love to have prints on my walls.

I hope everyone else's weekend has been going well. It's a soggy one over here but the rain is a welcome change from the heat. Hot weather reminds me that I could never live on Tatooine.

Peace and pancakes


  1. I'll trade you hot weather for all of this snow that just won't melt. It's cold and gray and icy and miserable here.

    Also, I've got a huge man-crush on Chris Pratt, and am so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    1. I would definitely trade you. I'm pretty sure my great grand something was a polar bear... er... no offence to my great grand something. I've been told I have to watch Parks and Rec to see more of Mr Pratt. However, he does have an unfortunate surname...

  2. Why have I never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy?!?!?! Holy crap I can't wait for this movie now!!! Thanks for sharing the geekiness!

    1. Ha ha you are welcome. I am so excited for it I might explode.