Sunday, 9 February 2014

Wekend Round Up #5

School's back from summer...
I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to be an Assistant Head of Department for this year. (An ASSHOD if you will...heh heh)
My timetable is much the same as last year but that's good.
I am teaching a class that uses iPads.

And that's my round up and now for the good stuff.

First up - although it's an ad for whisky the story in the ad is beautiful and a little but on the heart warming side. Plus, it highlights a problem regarding literacy. Being an English teacher I find the story is more important than what they are trying to sell.

Next is this awesome trailer for the new season of Hannibal.

It's based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and deals with Hannibal Lector before he meets Clarice. This has given it a new spin and, if you haven't seen the first season, you need to. Warning - it is gruesome and dark. Yet brilliantly done.

This tumblr - Disney Bound is one of my favourite places to check out. I love tumblr for many reasons but Leslie Kay creates outfits based around Disney. It's really neat and I'm a fan of cosplaying every day if you can!

There are numerous others but I'll let you explore! :)

Next, I've just bought the Burial at Sea DLC for Bioshock Infinite. And, once I figure out why it won't download properly, I will be playing that!

Finally, I'm going to end with this ad from the Superbowl. I'm a kiwi so I have very little knowledge about the Superbowl and I hear more about ads rather than the actual game. This ad spoke to me - especially with the number of 'colour' coded toys that seem to be on the market. Seriously, stop marketing things toward 'gender' and start marketing them to the kids who want to play!

Anyway, that's all from me for this week. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Peace and pancakes,


  1. I was skeptical about Hannibal at first but devoured the entire first season in the span of about 4 days. I love the darkness to it. Also, not gonna lie, I would totally wear a Milo outfit.

    1. Hannibal was so good. Especially the camera shots that are very similar to scenes in The Shining. And most of those outfits are pretty damn awesome.