Thursday, 23 January 2014

How Bieber Helped Make Supernatural's Ratings Soar...

I'm not nearly as caught up on the world of celebrity gossip as some. In fact, I don't care which Kardashian is which or why or whatever. In fact, much of celebrity "pop" culture bores me though I guess it can be funny. Case in point is the following tweet sent by Jared Padalecki, one of the stars of Supernatural, aimed at Justin Bieber.

This comes after police were called to Justin Bieber's house regarding the egging of his neighbours. Apparently, drugs were found on the scene and Bieber's friend, Lil Za, was arrested for possession. I'm not a fan of Bieber. Previously I didn't care much either way. He seemed like a 'mostly' harmless teen pop star. But, as of late, there have been various incriminating evidence about his poor behaviour. His attitude, too me, seems to be one of superiority in regard to most people. Cases of spitting on his fans, minor illegal activities and the list goes on. This kind of behaviour needs to be stopped which is why I applaud Padalecki for calling him out in 140 characters. 

Who would have thought that 140 characters could be so powerful? Well, I did but that is beside the point. Obviously, this outraged thousands of Bieber's fans with many threats being thrown around the vast spaces of the inter webs. Most threatening to boycott the show.

The thing about Supernatural though, is that the fans are a strange, rabid and loyal bunch. * One only had to go onto tumblr to see the numerous responses, gifs and fandom smack talk. And then there were the ratings for last night's (or the other nights...stupid international time zones...) show. The episode was, reportedly, the most watched episode in more than three years. Read here for more.

But that wasn't the last of what Padalecki had to say...

Regardless of whether you like Supernatural or not, I feel that Padalecki's comments are witty and hold a small element of truth. Plus, they are pretty funny. But he is not the only Supernatural star to use twitter with ease.

Misha Collins, who stars as Fallen Angel Castiel, is a constant presence on twitter, often tweeting while the show is airing. This interaction between William Shatner and Collins highlights another reason why this show's actors are brilliant.

Osric Chau, a new fan favourite, whose character, Kevin Tran, was recently added to the list of the dead of the show is another actor who constantly shows what it means to be a fan of the show. Similar to Collins, he live tweets the show and is a big presence at conventions and so on.

Anyway, I just wanted to show my support to Supernatural even though I cannot add to the the ratings due to living outside of the US. Plus, it's a freaking awesome show. Nothing like a good paranormal random, brothers unite, all over the place, show.

Peace and pancakes...

*I am such a fan. Well, we don't have rabies in New Zealand so...


  1. I've never even heard of this show and I'm already a fan of this dude. Good for you, Jared Padalecki. We've always taken shots at Bieber on the blog, not because of his music (teenie bopper music will always be around - and always be bad), but because he's a pompous ass who's rude to everyone and has absolutely no respect for anyone but himself. I think because of his superstar status he'll get out of this whole DUI/resisting arrest/drag racing thing, because they always do. But maybe this will taint his image enough to make his fans realize just what a piece of garbage he is.

    1. I hope it does. He's a horrible person. Last I heard his bail was only $2500. Which is pathetic... I can't understand how he's gotten away with all this horrible stuff and then have so many girls and boys defending him...then again, Chris Brown is still popular even though he's high on the list of moronic douchebags...people just confuse me!