Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekend Round Up #3

Here we are for another weekend round up - albeit I feel like I am cutting it close as it is Sunday evening but we have a long weekend due to it being Auckland Anniversary Weekend so I should get an extra day, right? No...okay then...

This week has been an interesting one - I'm on anti-inflamatories due to minor cartilege damage in my knee and ankle. (Apparently running isn't my friend...) And we finally received our 'get-ready-to go-back-to-school-cause-the-summer-holidays-are-over' letters. So it's all back to business next week though I am determined to stick to my writing schedule as well. :)

Anyway, enough about me. Enjoy my weekend round up of random stuff that I found interesting.

5. This is the awesome that is NPH and Jason Segel singing a snippet of Les Miserable. For the musical theatre geek in me this brings me great amounts of joy and smiles. How can you not love these two!

4. This is a brilliant TED talk done by a 13 year old. I love the message that he is giving to us all and I really agree with some of the things he has brought up. I think I'm going to use this as a resource in my classes this year, especially when some of my students say they can't do a speech or they don't know what they like. So have some inspiration and enjoy!.

3. If you haven't heard of the Anime/Manga Attack on Titan this might seem mighty strange to you but this ad for Subaru is brilliant and it's hinting or leading up to the live action film version which I would be interested to see...The anime is brilliant however. (Warning: The anime is very have been warned!!!)

2. Dose of Cuteness Click this link to be taken to photos of a baby girl whose father has dressed her in all sorts of possible future jobs...I'm partial to seeing her become the first female Pope...(from the ever awesome

1. And to round this weekend up is this article from . It's all about micro housing. I've been fascinated by this for some time, partially due to the fact that my father is a builder and he has been looking into this idea for easy and affordable housing. The prices in NZ are going up and obtaining a loan is becoming incredibly difficult.

Do you think you could live in a micro house? I think I could though I don't know if I could give away all my books and DVDs. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

Peace and pancakes,


  1. Not only would I live in a microhouse, but with all of the extra space leftover I'd make one gigantic $300 underground greenhouse and keep myself fed for nearly free.

    Yep, my inner nerd and inner hippie was unleashed all in one post.

    1. that is freaking amazing. I think I have next summer's plan in underground, self sufficient, look out zombie apocalypse. :)