Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Embracing my Awesomeness?*

So, thanks to you lovely amazing people who commented I feel a lot better about talking about bowel motions, the rape scene in Deliverance and various other 'faux pas' that I have made over the years. I also feel a little more confident in my ability to speak at the wedding - even if I do accidentally switch from my kiwi accent into a random British or Scottish one.

The elusive bridesmaid dress hunt goes on but I will succeed or die trying. (I've seen those crazy reality TV shows about bridezillas so the dying while trying is a reality, albeit a slim reality!)I'm off to Roto-vegas (Rotorua for those not from New Zealand) tomorrow to continue the hunt. Also, I might invest in some burgundy dye, just in case.

And then, on Saturday, it is the Hen's Party. Now, this will be the second Hen's Party I have been to and the first I've organised. This is what I have planned so far:

  • Naughty Pass the Parcel (Might have mini dares in it etc)
  • Pin the Manhood on the Man (That's what it says on the packaging...pun totally intended)
  • Banana Ring Toss
  • The traditional making a wedding dress out of toilet paper - because what bride doesn't want to be dressed to the nines in toilet paper.
  • How well do you know your partner for the bride - shots involved for every failed answer. 
  • Moulding members (where everyone in a current relationship has to mould their partner's Johnson out of play dough...)
  • Just Dance 2 on the Wii cause there isn't anything better than watching drunk people attempt to dance.
I hope this is enough to entertain the majority of the guests. I also made sure to order the special straws my friend requested along with a penis shaped serving platter that, quite frankly, was smaller than I thought. (This is not meant as a sly comment, it truly is smaller than advertised I'm sure.)

I have been warned by my friend that there shall be no wearing of the Harry Potter hoodie, no watching of the LotR trilogy and no references to Star Wars or Star Trek. I smiled and nodded but didn't make any promises for the las two. 

I'm also going to order a lot of mini foods through our shop's catering company because everyone loves mini quiches and cheese cake, right? Plus, I might even attempt to make sangria and a special punch that was concocted many a drunken moon ago.**

Random side note: Is anyone going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year? I'm seriously thinking about it even though I will be teaching at the time.

*Today's title is proudly brought to you by the amazing gentlemen bloggers from A Beer for the Shower. If you haven't already checked them out get your arse over there***
** Don't panic - there will also be beer there as well. 
***When I write 'arse' like so I read it in an Irish accent. I also pretend I'm drunk while doing so.****
****I have a thing for accents. You may have noticed.


  1. If I were female, this would be a kick ass party. My wife took over the TV one day and forced me to watch a bridezillas marathon. Those bitches are insane!

    ABFtS kicks ass! Love those guys!

  2. I never had a bridal shower or "hens night" as you call it. But if I did, I'd have wanted you to plan it! Sounds like it's going to be a blast.

  3. @Danjor21 - Thanks. I'm getting a little more excited each day. And those guys are awesome.

    @Bouncin' Barb - Bridal Shower sounds better I think. We've always known them as Stag Night for the guys and Hen's Night for the ladies. If I were able I would have planned an awesome party for you! :)

  4. That sounds like a great party to watch. It sounds like it might lead into girl on girl action which you could tape and then sell for good money. And then organize more parties and sell the vids and then become a girl on girl porn tycoon. Sounds like you already knew that. Well done. You are bound to be the next (lady) Hef.

  5. How did you know my long term goals? Hopefully I become a little more tasteful than Hef...I mean, twins, really? lol

  6. "bowel motions"?! apparently i've missed your last few posts.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I love the ring to this: "A Beer for the Bridal Shower."

    I love the shots being involved when you don't know something about your spouse. In most modern marriages, this would end in alcohol poisoning.

  8. @-E- I just have a way with random conversations.

    @ABftS - You know, you may be onto something there. (Not the alcohol poisoning, btw...)

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