Sunday, 9 October 2011


Now that I have your attention I am not going to talk about the sweet, sugary goodness that are cupcakes. Sorry to use such evil trickery to draw into my mind. (And it's such a dark and somewhat creepy place.) Imagine if Poe and Lovecraft had a lovechild who then had a child with Mary Shelley. Yes, I know that's not possible but it raises some interesting ideas, does it not?

Well, as you may know, my friends are getting married in just under a month. I am very happy for them since I have known them both for a long time. But, I am scared because I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the first time. Those who know me IRL, know that I'm not exactly the best kind of person to have in a formal situation. Actually, I'm not the kind of person you have in many situations because I tend to say some pretty bizarre things. Like the time I was talking to this rather cute guy and, for some strange reason, we got to talking about bowl movements. Now, I have been told that this is not the kind of thing a proper lady talks about in the company of ... well anyone. And, I'm pretty sure I was the one who brought it up...

I also tend to have many spaz moments. Some of which I love to look back on because I am amazed at how they happened. So, I really do hope my friend realises what she's gotten herself in for. Especially since she wants me to do a reading at the wedding. I told her I was going to read it in a Scottish accent...I don't think she was as amused as I was. 

Anyway, the other thing that I am rather scared about is wearing a formal dress. I don't really do formal. I wore trousers and a tunic top in some form of protest of the whole ball/prom at my high school. I didn't enjoy it and I only went because my friends begged me to. Also, I'm rather, um, well endowed in the chest area which makes finding a dress that fits properly an interesting adventure. Add to that the fact that I hate trying on clothes after about the second item and I am sure that you can see my dilemma. This means the last week of my holiday will consist of me focusing on finding a burgundy bridesmaid dress that doesn't  make me look too uncomfortable while finalising the hen's night.

On the plus side, my friend is the furthest thing from a brideszilla as you can imagine, which makes things so much easier. Plus, her wedding is going to be on Guy Fawkes night so there are bond to be heaps of fireworks, which will make things so pretty.


  1. You'll be fine and that's what seamstresses are for. To make the dress fit properly! Consider it a huge compliment that she wants you in her wedding! It's only for a day. Then you go back to comfort! haha

  2. Yoo'll be jist braw at th' weddin'. but, och, swatch it fur th' reception!

  3. I don't think i can help you with that, mainly because i'm the same way. I tend to do (and say) pretty random and bizarre stuff at unexpected times. Just try to keep it cool, keep your randomness to the bare minimum for a while and you will be fine hahahah Don't worry about talking nasty stuff with guys, most guys (including myself) love a girl with great sense of humor (that's one of the reasons i love my GF ).

  4. Spaz moments!!! Hahaha! I have loads if those! I can't even blame it on being blonde anymore.
    I know exactly what you mean about finding dresses that fit too. The hassle I had when I was bridesmaid for my sister. Wow. Just don't have a strapless dress if you're well endowed! Trust me. It's was a bloody nightmare for me!

    Can you tell us what you have lined up for the hen night?

  5. @Bouncin' Barb - I do. She is such a wonderful person who has two beautiful kids. She is truly devoted to them and her husband to be. And definitely checking in with the seamstress. :)

    @CWMartin - :) Got to love the Scottish accent, right?

    @Hasidic Plumber - phew, that's good to know. I think I can control myself for a couple of hours. I'll just imagine that I'm on a secret mission and lives depend on my acting "normal" for that time.

    @Miss Teacher - Yeah, strapless dresses are a definite no no in this case. Especially since I love to dance and yeah...well.

    Sure. I was thinking of doing a post about the hen's night today or tomorrow.

  6. You make dirty talk and big chests sound like a bad thing. If my wife didn't possess those two qualities, I doubt we'd be where we are right now. Embrace your awesomeness.

  7. I solemnly swear to embrace my awesomeness as soon as I find a dress that fits. lol. See, I think I should stop listening to my female friends when they tell me not to say things like that.