Friday, 21 October 2011

Long Time No Blog

It's not you it's me. Does that sound about right? I swear, I meant to update you last Sunday to talk about how well the Hen's Night went. I was going to regale you with stories of phallic objects flying around the room as tipsy young women inflated condoms while sipping iced beverages through penis shaped straws. Alas, it wasn't to be...I have just started to recover from a bout of the flu. Not any flu, mind you...I'm pretty sure this flu came with full on hallucinations. Unless cartoon elephants are normal, every day occurrences? Add to the mix the parent teacher interviews I had - let's just say I was busy.

So, now for a brief re-cap of my week.

Hen's Night
Went really well. My friend didn't get too drunk though I did stay until I was sure that she wasn't going to pass out in a pile of her own vomit. (Cause that's the kind of gal I am!) The games went down a treat and my friend had a really good time. This, in turn, made me super happy and reconsidering my job prospects...maybe I should become an official party planner? Hmm.

Plus, watching drunk people dance on the wii is truly one of the great joys in life. 

Parent Teacher Interviews
I only had four but they were stressful enough. Well, the lead up was then I remembered that I'm not a teen anymore and I could meet the parents on equal, if somewhat shorter, footing.

Yeah, had to take my first day off. And I'd only been back for two days. What a slacker. It was a pretty impressive flu. I had the cold sweats and everything. I'm pretty sure one side of my neck swelled up in a spectacular way as well.

Well, that's been my week. Boring but I wanted to let you know I was alive, hence the pedantic update. Better updates in the near future. What is it everyone says - quality over quantity, right? Right?


  1. We have been known to say quality over quantity, but we're not a big fan of practice what you preach. If we did, we'd only post once a month. The rest is all filler, anyway, right?

    Also, we need more people in the world like you. My friends would rather watch someone fall into a pile of their own vomit--take lots of pictures--and then after those got uploaded to Facebook, THEN take them to the emergency room.

  2. Aw....thanks. You made my day!