Monday, 11 July 2011

That's Miss* to you...

I have, now, officially finished my old job and have begun intergrating myself at the school where I will be terrorising...ahem...teaching young minds and moulding them for the future.

I am of two minds at this career choice at present. My main state is one of fear mixed with a dollop of excitement. (Actually, flip that, reverse it.) I am excited to see how I do and whether I am one of those teachers that does a good job at actually helping her students, you know. As long as I'm not one of those "I'm gonna yell at you until either you comply to my will or I pass out..." type of teacher.

On the other hand, I'm terrified that I will break children. Not as in physically break cause, let's face it, I'm weaker than non-alcoholic beer. But I don't want to traumatise too many children. I'm thinking minimum causalities are a must, if you get my ramblings. I just remember my days at high school and I don't want to be like the teachers that I hated.

On a random train of thought - I now find myself having to acquire semi-casual attire as I make the transition from student/bookseller into teacher. Whereas the bookstore had a uniform of black and school just had any old clothes you like teaching has slightly different standards. So I must, reluctantly, put away the witty tee's with allusions to Dr Who, BSG and surviving the zombie apocalypse and start shopping for clothes that don't reveal too much cleavage** or tattoos, not that I have many of those.

I'm still going to keep my converse sneakers, though. My feet maybe small but they're fat little bastards and all those fancy schmancy women's shoes hurt them.

I have a couple of questions for you, dear readers, to make this blog more interactive...and because I'm lazy today.

Question 1: What was/is your favourite subject at high school?
Question 2: What do/did teachers do to make learning more fun for you?

*Actually it's Ms but it looks weird out of context
** Apparently boys are distracted by cleavage...who knew.


  1. Many wear the chucks to school. Think David Tennant. Looks good with pinstripe pants. And I don't think you need to worry about breaking kids. They'll be fine.

    Q1: oooh. Tough. It'd be a toss up between Home Ec, History, or Phys Ed. (As consistently fun)

    Q2: They made me think. To not be afraid to state my own opinion, and as long as I could justify the reasoning, it stood. Also, the better ones showed me how all subjects and disciplines are interrelated. Being shown how to apply knowledge across disciplines made everything more fun. And useful.

  2. I like the way you think. :) I wonder why that is.

  3. I think i like terrorizing better... lol.

  4. I think I'm going to have some of those days but I have to pretend that teaching is the main game. :)

  5. literature. my teacher interspersed lots of norwegian jokes in his lectures.

  6. @-E- That sounds like a great teacher. I wish we had a pure literature course at high school over here.

    @Kev D. I had male math teachers and I'm pretty sure I would have been disturbed if they'd had cleavage. ;)

  7. My favorite class was study hall so I could hang out with my friends. I hated school. I just had no interest in it. Maybe if my teachers were better I would have thought differently. Who knows.

  8. Oh no. We don't really have study hall over here but it sounds fun. :)