Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Of unexpected hats and the ending of things...

One of my good friends made a hat for me. Seriously. She knitted this amazing slouch hat for me and attached some seriously awesome badges.

And, because I'm feeling a little daring today I will add another photo...of me...eek.

It's me...please don't be scared. (I straightened my hair because it turned into a poodle shaped mess due to the rain...)

Anyway, I like my hat. You hear that, friend, I love my hat! Oh, please ignore the Australian shaped clock in the background. I am definitely a kiwi, I promise. Also, you can just see a small selection of my DVDs hiding in the background there. As previously mentioned, they are all alphabetised because I am actually that insane.

In other news, the final Harry Potter film starts in NZ tomorrow and I'm going to see it with my mum. She was the one who got me into HP to begin with so it seems fitting that we see the final film together. I mean, I even called her from London the minute I had my copy of Deathly Hallows and we compared notes and our views on the ending of that book. I'm still of two minds of it but that's neither here nor there.

I'm a bit worried about how I will feel once the final film has been watched and then purchased on DVD. I can't truly say that I've grown up with Harry Potter since I started it mid way through high school but I can say that it has truly changed me - hopefully for the better. It's made me more proud to be who I am.

Anyway, I'm sure many of you are sick of hearing about it so I won't go on. I will let you know my thoughts on Friday after I've seen the last film - I promise there will be no spoilers.

Until Friday, folks. I'm going to chill for the afternoon admiring my hat and the fact that my head is now cosy and warm.

Peace and pancakes.


  1. *does a little dance*

  2. *tries to dance but only succeeds in falling off chair* Does it sit right? lol

  3. Yay thanks. :) My friend is an awesome knitter. :)

  4. Nice hat. And why wouldn't we want to hear more about you. You're pretty interesting and funny to boot.

  5. Aw thanks. :) That's very sweet of you.

  6. if you're really a kiwi, why do i get no hits from NZ on my blog?

  7. I do not know. Strange, I promise I am in NZ. It's very cold here at the moment and there are lots of sheep everywhere...

  8. It's such a cute hat.(:

    And I hate all the HP films. BOOKS, please.

  9. Nice hat! I should mention I have a fondness for poodle shaped messes, mostly because, thanks to the wife, I now have a poodle shaped mess (miniature poodle--most useless but adorable creature ever).

  10. @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade - it is all about the books. The film missed quite a bit but I had to see it. Got to follow through.

    @A Beer for the Shower - I'm kinda scared of poodles. I'll blame my Aunt's mother and her mental blind poodle. There's a story there.