Monday, 13 June 2011

In which I jot down some ideas...

I've been thinking, which never usually leads to productive things, rather, random whimsical thoughts traipse through my mind not unlike butterflies drawn by the smell of decaying flesh. Now that I have that rather odd image in your brain I will attempt to decode what thoughts attacked my mind throughout today. Most of it has to do with this little old blog here.

Thought the first was to do with making regular updates. I know that many of you have a schedule that you stick to come hell or high water and, being the responsible adult that I pretend to be, I'm going to attempt to update regular like. The most common schedule that I've been thinking of is the Monday, Wednesday, Friday one and I think I'll give that one a go. So - Here fore, I (insert name here)* swear to update each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless otherwise occupied in which case I can defer when I update but not before giving notice. (Sounds dreadfully official right?)

Thought the second has to do with personalising my blog. I have attempted this in the past with mixed to disastrous results so this one may take a little longer than expected but I thought I would add it to the list since I'm being all mature and grown up and the like.

Thought the third revolves around this idea I had for a post in which I outline the reasons being a dork is cool. It hasn't fully formed and it has something to do with how obsessed I was with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park when I was little and how that evolved into my love of all things left of centre. So it was going to look like an evolutionary chart of mini geek/dork to the dork I am today. Plus I found myself saying the word dork today and enjoying the sound it made...don't judge me...some words are just fun to say. Spatula, for example, is a word I love to say. It always makes me smile.

And the final thought is not really important and somewhat embarrassing so I shall wait until I grow some balls (which is hopefully never since I would probably freak out if I woke in the morning've all seen those B Grade body swap movies...) before elaborating on that one.

I think that is all for this Monday. Now I can start planning for Wednesday. (Which also happens to be the day I find if the publishing house wants to publish my novel or whether I should start looking for an agent - which could be a post in itself.)

::*::flounces around the room looking for her dinner::*:: Bye all.

*I didn't forget my name just really can't be arsed to write it out in full...


  1. haha how were the results before disastrous?

  2. I accidentally lost my blog somehow. Half of the posts were half I mean only the left half. A scroll button appeared that didn't do anything and generally it looked like a four year old had attempted to decorate it. Sometimes technology and I don't get along.