Monday, 9 May 2011

In which I am like Garfield and detest Monday mornings...

Like that famous orange cat that we love so much I sometimes have issues with Mondays and I find myself wondering whether this is something that is psychologically programmed into us from a young age. Almost everything starts on a Monday. Work starts back, if you happen to be in one of those 9-5 Monday to Friday gigs. I was in one of those once. Loved the fact that I had the weekend off then realised that I liked having days off in the middle of the week cause I could go see a movie by myself and not be surrounded by people.*

People go back to school on a Monday and I hated school. Let me rephrase that, I abhorred High School. If there was a hell on earth it would be High School. Who was the genius who decided that it would be a great idea to have teens all localised in one place? They must have known that the hormones oozing out of the very pores of these kids was a recipe for disaster, right? I mean, I can't think of anything worse than being put back into high school unless I had the knowledge I have now.** My memories of high school, which I have tried very hard to repress, always began on a Monday, which meant there were five long days for me to have gum thrown in my hair, have my uniform cut or drawn on and other lovely things that kids do to each other.

And we all know the song by the Boomtown Rats, right? I Don't Like Mondays. And we know the story behind it? Click Me

Anyway, I woke this morning in one of those moods that you can attribute to it being Monday and all I could think of was Garfield being all tucked up in his, outrageously small, cat bed peering out and saying how much he hates Monday.

So, to get me out of this funk I have been playing this song on endless repeat just to make me move and feel less like a sloth and more like the energiser bunny. I hope it brings you a little joy on this Monday morning (or whatever time it is for you at the moment you read this.)

Have a great Monday, y'all. 

*I'm not ashamed to admit that I go to the movies by myself. Sometimes I prefer it because I choose the film, I choose where to sit and I don't have to worry about getting hurt while watching a film. Trust me, it has happened.

**Actually I can think of quite a few worse things - one being stuck in a movie theatre filled with clowns...I just shuddered at the thought.