Friday, 6 May 2011

In which I talk about DVDs, writing and the benefits of caffeine

I've been writing like a person possessed. I've also been reading like a person possessed. True to my being a workaholic I have set myself a new deadline as I find the only way I can get things done is to trick my mind into thinking that if it isn't done by this date the world will do one of three things. It will either self destruct, turn inside out or slip into a time paradox where we will all be stuck watching endless repeats of the worst show ever to be invented.*

Anyway, my deadline is this - I have forty days to write, at the very least, 80 000 words. Now, from doing NaNoWriMo I know that this is possible, I also know that it has the potential for disaster, least of which is me running around like someone who has lost their marbles proclaiming myself to be the Queen of the Dorks. To insure that I don't go to bonkers I have created my own little office space and am now devoting most of my day to writing. I give myself plenty of toilet breaks and food breaks - I have even scheduled in Wii breaks. (In my mind that is funny on so many levels...I'm seriously still only thirteen in my brain so fart, poo and wee jokes still have me giggling...)

This morning, however, I was possessed my another form of madness - I had to alphabetise my DVD collection. Which, normally, wouldn't be so bad but since I have well over 300 of the suckers (insert lame 300 Sparta joke here.) it took a little more time than it should of. In the midst of doing this I realised that I need more shelves or less DVDs but the second option isn't really an option. What I am most amused/proud of is the fact that I have actually separated them into their own categories so I can go straight to this shelf for TV shows and that one for Studio Ghibli films and so on.

Anyway, I've covered the first two parts of my title which just leaves the benefits of caffeine. Oh sweet, sweet caffeine. Basically replaced the word Sugar in the song Sugar High with Caffeine and you understand.
In fact - here is the song from Empire Records for your enjoyment:

I will leave you now because it is my scheduled Wii time...

*I am not going to name the show because I have friends who enjoy it and I don't feel like being dreadfully mean today. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Absolutely fantastic, and very inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  2. i used to love this movie.

  3. Thanks. :o)
    I randomly quote this film (and many others) for no real reason. It just sticks in my mind.

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