Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Top Five TV Shows...that I currently watch...

Time for another BEdA blog. I have to say that I am rather impressed that I have made it this far so, if you will indulge me for one moment I will do a happy little dance. ::*::scoots to one side and proceeds to dance somewhat badly to imagined music::*:: Ah, thanks, I needed that.

Anyway, after watching three rather bad films last night I think I need to blog about something that is actually rather good so here goes my top five TV shows that I currently watch. Most will be shows currently airing on the three main channels in New Zealand at this time, if not they are shows that I have ordered from the UK or the US because Amazon is awesome.

I love this show. I cannot describe how much I love this show but I really, really do. I'm annoyed with TVNZ for screening it at a stupid time and being almost a season behind but thankfully for amazon I am able to get my fix. I have blogged about this show many times before and will probably continue to blog about it. I can't help it. Sam, Dean, Castiel...they are all great characters and, seriously, who wouldn't want a brother that would die for you or help you avert the apocalypse. Not to mention the great soundtrack and the hunting of various nasties.

Criminal Minds
I don't know when I first started watching this but I know that I came to it late. That doesn't really matter because I love the intelligence of this show though there have been many negative comments made about it. I love the fact that the effort has been made not to dumb down any of the characters and that they are all different. How often do you see a show where you can actually feel sorry or empathise with an unsub?*

This was another show that I came to relatively late. I had kind of watched the first season ages ago but it was when I was in California last year that I managed to purchase the first two seasons and, since then, I have been hooked. It is another intelligent show and the cast seem perfect. I truly felt sorry for Zack and I love the fact that Hodges and Angela are together. And Temperance is hilarious and very intelligent.

The Big Bang Theory
I am not a big fan of comedy to be quite honest. I don't laugh out loud at a lot of stuff but I really enjoy TBBT. It's witty and it is geeky. (Yay for geekiness!) And there are many little jokes there for everyone, not just physicists.

I love Hugh Laurie and the snarky doctor that he plays. Unfortunately, I haven't been following the latest season as much as I would, usually, but the first seasons were amazing. It was something a little but different and, even though it is somewhat formulaic, it is an entertaining watch.

Honorable mentions: Doctor Who, Cougar Town, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Eureka, Warehouse 13, The Walking Dead (A lot of these are shows I don't get on my 3 channels so I have to wait to order them online.)

It's another short list today because I've had one of those mornings. I slept in, cut my ankle shaving, forgot to leave one of the vats off to get changed and had a blood nose to top that all off. I think I might need to indulge in some chocolate...or a good book. And a nice cup of tea.


*Unsub = unknown subject - look at me with all the terminology.

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