Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20 Things I Like...

I'm doing things a little different today because I'm feeling a little 'bluesy'* and a little tired. So, in an attempt to perk myself up I thought I'd write a list of 20, count that, 20 things that I like. Feel free to tell me what things you like or what things make you feel better when you're feeling a little down.

  1. Finding a new singer/band or song that I really like. For example, the other day I downloaded the free tune from iTunes - Lady Luck - by Jamie Woon and I'm loving it.  
  2. My dad's attempts to make the perfect jalapeno bread. We had some when we were last in California and dad had been experimenting every weekend. I don't mind being a taste tester for that. 
  3. Playing my guitar. I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to be anything other than a mediocre player but that doesn't stop me from trying. 
  4. Walking around barefoot. I hate shoes and, if I don't have to, I won't wear them. This is something that is easier to do in New Zealand than it is in many other places since we don't have snakes etc.
  5. Ordering books online. I love and use it regularly. I have been thinking about getting a kindle but the verdict is still out on that. In case you wanted to know I have just ordered A Game of Thrones, Sister's Red and The Knife of Never Letting Go.
  6. Daydreaming. This normally has me staring out a window thinking about nothing or everything.
  7. Paint my toenails. I just like doing this with either a really good movie on in the background or some great music playing. Sometimes I like to imagine I'm in one of those silly movie montages...
  8. Piling the books that I am currently reading/about to read just to see how high it goes. Sometimes I make little book towers - no idea why...I just do. 
  9. The way the trees in autumn become multi-coloured before the leaves fall. 
  10. The first fire of the winter season. I often feel the urge to find marshmallows and roast them over the fire. (I have be known to do this over candles...)
  11. Browsing Especially the geekery section and the witty badges. I collect them and some of the ones on there truly amuse me. 
  12. Quirky coffee cups or mugs. I have been trying to get ones from every place I visit just as a keepsake. I know this is a bit silly because, honestly, how many cups does one need? But I keep doing it. 
  13. Root Beer floats...I've only had one when I was in Las Vegas last year and it was so yummy. I don't care about the calories etc (mainly because there isn't anywhere I know that does them here.)
  14. The sound of rain on the roof on a day when I know I don't have to go outside or be anywhere but at home. I love it when it rains in the middle of the night - the sound is so relaxing to me. 
  15. Loving a book series so much that when I talk about it I refer to the characters as if I know them personally. 
  16. Imagining what I would do if there was a zombie apocalypse. (I have a rather bit imagination...what can I say!)
  17. Burger Rings or Rashuns sandwiches. Burger Rings and Rashuns are staples of the New Zealand chip (crisp or potato chip) range. Yummy. 
  18. Second Hand bookstores. I have been known to spend hours wandering around looking for books that I feel deserve a new home with me. 
  19. Chocolate - specifically Cadbury's dairy milk or Whittaker's dark chocolate. It is one of my true weaknesses but I have got some control...well...maybe...
  20. Hanging with family and friends discussing how we can solve the world's problems over a glass of wine. 

*One of my dear friends coined this word for when she was feeling a little down and I loved it.

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