Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Top Five Scary films...maybe...

Okay, because I only have a short amount of time on the computer this will have to be a quick entry. From a young age I loved horror films. Controlled scares, people doing stupid things while you yell at them, dark rooms, cemeteries etc. There are all sorts of horror films out there and some are scary while others are pure entertainment/shock value.

So, I will dive right into the list today. Five horror films that truly scared me...

Now, I don't know if it was because I was young or whether it was all the rumours of the cursed set that made this film stand out in my mind but there is that scene with the clown that has always scared me. The film has subtle scares and then moves into those full on scares which encouraged my fascination with the paranormal along with my wariness of curses.

This is a film I've only seen once or twice and it was an Italian film if I remember correctly. The thought of being stuck in a cinema with an increasing number of possessed people terrified me when I was younger and it was the ending that really cemented it for me. There was something about the almost hopeless ending that made me feel more than a little nervous about going to bed that night.

The Exorcist
Now, I watched this film by myself and, being the 'brave' teenage girl that I was I thought that it would be awesome to watch it in the dark while my parents were out for the night. This may have been a bad idea on my part because when it got to the part where Regan spider walks down the stairs...let's just say that I ran around and turned on every light in my house. I also think it was the back story to this film that incited my overactive imagination.

The Last House On the Left (Original)
This is one of those films that you have to be in a certain mood to watch because there is no paranormal evil in this film, it is an all too human evil. I think the fear of something that could actually happen is far more terrifying because it is more 'real' than haunted houses etc. It is a good film though.

The Hills Have Eyes (Remake)
I haven't seen the original so please don't shoot me but the remake is still very scary. Like The Last House... it is a little more real aside from the crazed mutants but still this film was actually really well done. I loved the fact that no one was safe...not even the dogs.

Now, there are thousands of other films that are probably more scary but these ones all stand out in my mind from my childhood till recently as well.

Let me know if there are any films that have scared you or still resonate in your mind.

Peace and pancakes

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