Thursday, 7 April 2011

Comic book top five...

 I love my comic books and graphic novels. There is something about the visuals that make for a great read and I have realised that I am a rather visual person so the graphic novel is a great medium for me though I still read a great amount of novels. Anyway, today's list will be my top five comic book heroes. Feel free to disagree or let me know who your favourites are as well.

Kitty Pryde/ Shadowcat/Sprite etc
I've always loved Kitty as a character. She may start off as the annoying kid sister but she has gone through various changes throughout the incarnations of the world of the X Men. She is also one of the bases for the character of Buffy Summers so that is a plus. I've loved her powers as well even though there are more powerful characters in the world of the X Men. Similar to my favourite literary characters Kitty is quite intelligent but she is also very adventurous and more.

Bigby Wolf
Fables is one of those series that manages to give a new life to those classic faery tales that we grew up with and giving the big bad wolf a real personality and human side. I just found the whole series brilliant Bigby was one of the main reasons for this. He carries himself much like a film noir detective which adds to his charm.

Dick Grayson
Yes, he started as the boy wonder but he is so much more than that. He grows from strength to strength and has even managed to carry a series (Teen Titans) even though he has no actual supernatural abilities or mutations. Gotta give him props for that. If you look at a lot of the great comic heroes most of them have special powers but Dick has to rely on training and intellect. Plus, when he becomes Nightwing...well...he is a brilliant character and his relationship with Oracle is also beautifully portrayed.

Forget Keanu Reeves as Constantine (although he wasn't that bad but he just wasn't John). He is almost an anti-hero. He smokes, he can be a jerk but he gets the job done. Some of the story lines that he has appeared in have been very dark and very well done. He is definitely a guy you'd want as a friend rather than an enemy.

Remy Le Beau/ Gambit & Wade Wilson/ Deadpool
I couldn't choose between these two. In fact, this list was very diffcult as there are so many great characters out there and the term hero is often hard to stick to as all of these characters are capable of bad deeds. But Gambit has to be on the list somewhere, seriously. That Cajun thief ... (is it wrong to have a small crush on a fictional character...) And Deadpool is a new love of mine. Insane and witty...great combination.

Compared to some of the other lists that I have done this has been a little more difficult. Having to choose just five is hard. There are so many that I had to leave out. Death and co from Sandman, Black Canary, Oracle, Dust, and the list goes on. Once my computer comes back I may have to do a revised list instead of these short ones for BEdA.

Let me know which characters are your favourites.

Peace and pancakes

P.S. Still no word on the computer front...last time I ever buy a Compaq - I'm sure they work fine for everyone else but so far I've had nothing but nightmares with mine.

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