Tuesday, 5 April 2011

City of Fallen Angels/ Literary crushes...BEdA day 5

Quick overview - both of my computers are broken at the moment so I am using my sister's little netbook and the keys are tiny and my fingers keep mushing together several keys therefore I am making up new words as I go. I am still determined to finish BEdA so wish me luck.

Now onto business - Today was the release date for City of Fallen Angels by the ever wonderful Cassandra Clare. I have barely scratched the surface and I refuse to give spoilers so all I can say is so far so good! Clare's amazing wit and talent show through from page one.

This does, however, lead me onto today's list of five. My five literary crushes...which could be embarrassing but here we go:

George Cooper
There are so many great male characters in Tamora Pierce's world of Tortall but I have to admit I have had a little crush on him since I first read the Song of the Lioness quartet. Prince Jon is a close second but George and his knowing looks and his trust in Alanna. He reminds me a lot of Silk from Edding's Belgariad series as well.

Simon Lewis
Cassandra Clare has created a great many character in my own opinion and I know there are many Jace Wayland fans out there but I have to say that there is definitely something about Simon that makes me wish I was a few years younger and he was real. What can I say...I love my nerd boys.

Charlie Weasley
I don't know why I have fixated on him. He isn't really a main character and we never learn much about him but he always seemed somewhat mysterious and interesting to me. I feel as if I have to get my books out again and have a good read.

Will Stanton
I love Cooper's books. They are brilliantly written and the character of Will is one I instantly loved from the moment I first read about him.

I loved the Animorph series when I was a kid. I still have all my copies of the series at my parents house and Tobias was my favourite. Jake was okay and Marco was the joker but it was definitely Tobias that I liked to learn more about.

There are several other characters that I could add but these were the first few that jumped into my brain. So here are some honorable mentions: Perrin and Mat from WoT, Jeremy, Nick and Adam from Women of the Otherworld series, Julian from The Forbidden Game and many more...too many to list really.

Let me know who yours are...

Peace and pancakes all...

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