Friday, 8 April 2011

Top Five Vampires...BEdA Day 8

Okay - quick post today because, as I type, the headache gnomes in my head have begun their evil clog dance on my brain.

Nice and easy one today with my top five vampires and there will not be a Cullen or Hale in sight.

We start with the most revered and classic vampire to have ever graced our screens and pages. The old count himself. Played throughout the years by Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Leslie Nielsen and Gary Oldman and many other great actors. He has been played as a victim and as a hero, as a serious character or a buffoon. You cannot have a list of top vampires without mentioning this great 'father' of vampires.

Thomas Raith (Dresden Files)
Not your typical vampire but Thomas Raith has a certain something. It could be the fact that he is part of the White Court or it could be the fact that he is Harry Dresden's half brother. Maybe it is cause he is described as incredibly good looking and was more than a little devoted to a girl who was driven insane. Oh so tragic but incredibly interesting. Closely tied with Susan from the same series but she was never turned into a full vamp...well not really...

Louis de Pointe du Lac
Most people seem to like Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles but I have always had a soft spot for those tortured souls so I have to have Louis in this list. He often did not understand his own true nature and fought against it constantly. I like him as a character and a vampire as he tried to retain some of his humanity.

The classic tortured vampire with a soul. As Angelus, however, he is one badass vampire. He tortured Drusilla, making her into the insane mess that she was in the show. Plus there was that whole in love with the Slayer business.

And you can't have Angel in the list without having Spike. Both in love the slayer in their own ways. Spike with his bleached blonder hair and two slayers under his belt he brought just enough comedy to his persona to make him truly memorable. And, well, it's Spike. What more do I need to say.

As per usual there are several other vampires who could have made it to this list but, as I am doing this off the cuff and on the day this is the list you get.

So, do you have a favourite vampire?

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