Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog Every(d)ay in one...

Happy April Fool's - though it is past midday so I guess that makes me the fool, which leads perfectly into the next thing I was going to talk about: BEDA or Blog Every Day in April. This is where I attempt to post a blog every day for the next thirty days. This also means that I must wrack my poor brains for something interesting to mention - even if it just seems interesting to me.

So - this is officially day one and this is about the third time I have attempted to write this entry. I keep promising myself that I will be better organised but I never am. Maybe, just maybe, this will aid in my attempts to better organise myself. Maybe I could design some lists or maybe a wall chart? Or I could use this as an excuse to go and buy a lot of new stationary. I mean, who doesn't like new stationary? There is something about the feel of a brand new pen on the first page of new refill.*

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I was thinking of doing a theme for this whole blog everyday in April but I wasn't sure that I would be able to stick with it so I thought I would continue on in my rambling self. And, as an introduction I thought I would do a version of five things about me - cause blogging is somewhat self indulgent...right...

One - I have been attempting to teach myself guitar for the last few years. I can play a dozen chords but seem to come out with the same melody every time. Plus, I don't practise as much as I should. I'm not so much lazy as I am a daydreamer. This means that what I think I sound like and what I actually sound like can often differ.

Two - I collect books about urban legends or stories based on urban legends. Let's be honest - I just collect books but I do have an intense fascination with the whole idea of oral story telling and how it shifts fluidly from teller to teller.

Three - I have an irrational fear of jelly. Yep, jelly. Something about the way it wobbles seriously wigs me out. I shudder thinking about it. I'm also scared of clowns but that's old hat now.

Four - I write fanfiction occasionally. I started many years ago and did stories about X Men: Evolution and Charmed before attempting some Supernatural fanfiction. I do this when I have bad bouts of writer's block. which seems to be happening way too often.

Five - I used to raise calves, mainly beef breeds, for our local calf club. I had a goat one year and didn't get anywhere then I had a beautiful beef breed called Simba and I got all the way to group day where I got reserve champion. (Farm girl at heart?) Needless to say I stuck with calves from that day on.

So, here goes my attempt at Beda...hopefully the next post is more exciting and witty.

Peace and pancakes everyone. And, for those doing Beda as well, best of luck.

*I happen to be very quirky in my likes of stationary. There is definitely something about a stationary store that gets my brain all hyped up and excited. Come can admit that you get the same feeling.

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