Sunday, 20 March 2011

In which I have nothing much to I shall ramble

Well, the title of this could be considered somewhat misleading as I always have something to say but I have been rather busy helping around the shop for the last couple of weeks along with playing with my nieces who have this ability to frustrate and amuse me all at once. I guess that is family for you, right? Niece the elder is going through a stage commonly known as 'ME ME ME' and, as a precocious five year old, she has some interesting arguments though I have yet to be convinced by any of them. She has, however, decided that it is time to pull the "You're not my mum" card, which makes me wonder why she'd think that her mum would say anything different that I would.

Whereas Niece the younger is in that adorably cute stage where she could possibly get away with murder as long as she pulls one of those 'I'm so innocent, love me, hug me' faces. She definitely has us all wrapped around her little finger and she has some of the truckies who stop in wrapped around her finger as well. Admittedly, there is something hilarious about a grizzled trucker giving up their food for a chubby, nearly two year old because she is standing there demanding a high five followed by a head bump.*

If they put their heads together they could possibly get away with almost anything but they are currently in that sibling rivalry stage which I'm pretty sure their mother and I are still in. And we're both adults. (Though I use that term loosely...adults...pffft.)

On a different note I finally received my DVDs in the mail and spent yesterday watching Grave of the Fireflies which had me in tears from the beginning. I had been warned about it but still I had to see it. Plus I am collecting the Studio Ghibli series one at a time. I don't want to spoil it so here's a link to the wikipedia page for you. Grave of the Fireflies. I recommend it.

Anyway, I just needed to update so you can insert the apology of your choice for my lack of coherent updates at present. Plus I've been up since 5.00am. My sleeping pattern sucks at the moment so I am yawning far too much. I'm going to post this now while I scrounge up some coffee...lots of coffee...while listening to some Zeppelin...

Peace and pancakes all

*She does this thing where you have to give her a high five, followed by bones (fist bump) and then she must give you a light head butt. This proves that my family is a little left of centre. 

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