Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top Five TV Characters I Admire

The 20 Thing I Like list went down quite well. It was a fun one to write about as well though it took longer than I expected, in part because I really had to think about things that I do like rather than just passing 'flavour of the month' things. So, in keeping up with things that I like I am going for TV characters that I admire.

Kara Thrace/Starbuck - Battlestar Galactica (re-imaging)
I never really saw the original though I can understand the outcry about changing Starbuck from a man into a woman but I think it was a fraking brilliant move. Starbuck, especially in the first two seasons, was extremely kick-ass and awesome on so many levels. It is great to see a woman who can drink, swear and fight with the best of them. She was real and, as you know, I love my flawed heroes because I find I can relate to them more easily. Katee Sackhoff made Starbuck an icon of science fiction.

Angela Montenegro - Bones
I love all the characters on Bones. To me, the show is more about the characters and what drives them than the actual crime aspect of the show. In my mind, each of the characters are uniquely interesting but no more so than Angela. From her fashion sense to her intelligence, which is in no way overshadowed by the rest of the characters, she is a great role model and someone who I admire in terms of characterisation. I love the fact that, although she is technically a squint, she also has an open mind to the world - though not in the same way as Hodgins.

Dr. Spencer Reid/Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds
From the first episode I was intrigued by all the characters but these two, above all, were really interesting to me. (I know I'm cheating by choosing two but I couldn't decide). Both are completely different in personality and, well everything, but they are both amazing. Reid dealing with his mother and the possible threat of schizophrenia and, not to mention his astounding intelligence, is an interesting character and somewhat complex. Whereas Garcia brings the heart to the team. Her quirks and quick thinking mind make for many of the laughs of the show. Plus, she is another of those characters with great fashion sense. (In my ever so humble opinion.)

Dean Winchester - Supernatural
I am neither a Sam-girl nor a Dean-girl but I think, out of the two of them, Dean is actually the more complex. ::*::hides as fans go all crazy like::*:: But I admire him more than Sam. I guess you could say that it is, in part, to my being the older sibling and constantly worrying about my younger sibling. Yet there is also the way that he can act serious in a moment's notice but is just at ease with being the goof ball. He is fine at playing dumb and doesn't really care what others think about him.

Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy had to be on this list somewhere. She is strong, kooky, witty and just brilliant. She was a typical teenager, aside from the obvious...But, she actually grows and matures as the seasons go on. Plus, she is resourceful in a way that not many other characters are. She doesn't fit in with the norm and, as Joss Whedon has stated many times, she was his response to the horror stories of old where it was the blond girl running upstairs instead of out the front door. She is another kick-ass heroine who has her own challenges and problems.

So there we go. Just a quick list again. Leave me a comment if there are any characters that you admire.


  1. Buffy makes my list for sure. And not just because she deft with a bit of wood...

  2. Heh heh. I think I can understand the reasoning behind that...