Friday, 21 January 2011

Pros and Cons of children...? Or random blog 1

It's a Friday morning as I write this and I have been looking after my niece for nearly two whole weeks. While this has provided an interesting test and challenge on my possible parenting ability it has made me look at life from a different perspective. No longer to I view everything with quite the cold and rational ideals that I normally do...well that last part is somewhat of a joke because I don't know if cold nor rational are the words that could describe me best. Quirky and kooky sound much better.

Getting back on topic, what I mean by different point of view is that I feel like I am reliving a second childhood as I am watching Scooby Doo and  My Little Pony. Both cartoons that I watched when I was younger. And, this got me to thinking about the reasons or pros and cons of having children.*

Pro - perfect excuse for watching cartoons and going to kids movies

Con - constant drain on the pocket

Pro - excuse to buy cool little clothes...seriously, have you seen what is out there?
Girl's Dresses
Boy's Shirts
Geek Onesies  (this is the best!)

Con - no social life - you become a 24/7 slave to their needs and whims...very hard if you have been miss independent for the last one hundred years.

Pro - having a little person to mould into the perfect individual.

Con - no more lie ins - sleep will become a valued commodity that is rare.

Pro - TOYS!


Anyway - there is more that I could add but I must continue with the writing and stop getting distracted by the toys on ThinkGeek. **

Oh - before I forget. I'm entering a competition on Amazon which means that I could get my novel published through Penguin USA. This would be nice so fingers crossed. I'm aiming for positive pessimism...;o)

Peace and Pancakes y'all

*This is tongue and cheek, if you take it seriously...well...
** Just in case you were wondering - I'm not planning on having kids for a long while yet...could you honestly imagine me as a parent...I shudder to think.


  1. I don't know, you two looked awfully cute together.

    Plus it seems to be the people who aren't having them are the ones that would be best at it.

    here is my test for parenthood, ask yourself what it would be like to have a kid and if none of the first 5 words that come to mind are negative, then you are still a child yourself and I order you to use a condom

  2. I'll keep that at the forefront of my mind, definitely! And thanks. :o) I miss my little munchkin.