Saturday, 8 January 2011

If I were a superhero...

I have been having a Chuck Norris can/is/does...quotation day as those of you on my facebook well know. I don't know why I felt like putting these up today. It could have been due to the lack of sleep finally rotting the last of my brain or it could be due to the childlike exuberance I have felt upon collecting my niece from the airport. Five years old and already flying by herself. (And pdp* if you ask me)

Back to the topic at hand. Now, I know Mr Norris is not a superhero** technically, but I often find myself wondering if I were a superhero what powers would I have etc. I don't know how many of you have given this a lot of thought or even given it a partial thought but I have. Depending on my mood I think I have rounded my ideal powers down to a small list of three.

First in my list and the one I am more than certain that I would want is that of corporeal intangibility or, in layman's terms, phasing. Just like one of my favourite X Men one Miss Katherine Pryde aka Shadowcat. While most people I know look to the likes of Jean Grey or Rogue*** as their X Men heroines I have always liked Kitty and admired her powers. And the ability to walk through walls would be pretty awesome. I don't know why this appeals to me in such a way but it always has. And to find out that one of my idols, Joss Whedon, based Buffy the Vampire Slayer partially on Kitty...well...what can I say!

Second would be the ability to communicate with animals. Then I would have my own army! Actually, I am pretty sure that I would never use my powers for evil. But the idea of being able to talk to animals possibly stems from growing up on a farm and worrying about sick animals all the time. Also from my obsession with the book series Animorphs when I was younger.

My third power that I would have, if I was ever bitten by a radioactive spider or found myself flying through a cloud of radiation etc, would be that of telekinesis - an oldie but a goodie. I wouldn't want telepathy but I would be perfectly content with telekinesis: moving stuff with my mind. I meant properly moving things with your mind - kinda like Prue from Charmed.

Anyway, this is just a short update as I am being distracted by a small pile of books that I shall attempt to read...

 I will leave you with a question - if you could have any superpowers what would they be and why?

Peace and pancakes y'all

*PDP = Pretty Darn Precious
** Actually he is a superhero because he's freaking Chuck Norris...
*** Not everyone I know but you get what I'm saying

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