Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Odd thoughts...*

I've been working on a blog post all day. I promised myself that I was going to try to do regular updates and I intend to stick to it but this has to be about the thirtieth attempt at trying to condense my witty (and modest) thoughts into something that vaguely resembled the English language. If I had gone with the things on my mind this post would probably look like this:

Smurfs are blue. I can't stop singing the theme to The Goof Troop. Pie. Oh, I smell, wait...I don't know what I smell. Toes are strangely weird. Looking For Alaska - reading it again. Must Wii. Oh Warehouse 13 is on...squee. Dinosaurs will always and forever be awesome. Rawr. Hmm...quarks is a fun word to say. Must watch the latest Vlogbrothers vlog. Fishbloodybite specials again.

With that small insight into my mind I hope I haven't scared you all off. I do hope, though, that this has shown you how sometimes my thoughts run away with me, which could explain why I give people a blank look every so often. It isn't that I am ignoring them/you but my thoughts sometimes clamour to be heard.

This could also explain why my childhood seemed to be punctuated with "Are you listening to me?" "Daydreaming again?" "Hello, anyone home in there?" These could also be explained by the, recently, acknowledged fact that I am deaf in one ear but I tend to lean towards the first explanation.

Anyway, so it is roughly 9.30 at night and I still don't have a coherent thought in my mind though looking back through those thoughts I am getting the urge to watch the antics of the ever amazing and awesome John and Hank Green. My the amount of times I have been mentioning them lately I am starting to feel like a fangirl of the Green brothers but they bring about such witty awesomeness.

Anyway, I am going to leave it at this otherwise it will be full of nonsense.

For those of you who are wondering about the Vlogbrothers and/or Nerdfighters check the video below. It is awesome! That is all.
Peace and pancakes.


*can't believe I forgot to add a

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