Thursday, 13 January 2011 fantasy at the moment...

I am currently working on a new novel...well, I have started working on a new novel while I edit my Wallwalkers novel and I am finding it odd to move from one world, where I am rather invested in my characters, into a new world. What is making this so odd is that my first novel is a fantasy/sci fi novel whereas the one I am writing on at the moment has no element of fantasy.

This isn't something that I normally do. I like fantasy. Fantasy is my safety blanket because I read more fantasy than any other genre. I read Rowling, Pierce, Nix, Eddings, Tolkien, Gaiman and so on, so I know my fantasy. But now I am entering a word with no magic, no elves or floating cities. Instead, I am writing a first person novel from the point of view of an atheist teenage girl.

This is interesting for me on many levels. First, it is testing my ability to write great dialogue. It's not that I can't write good dialogue but I have to make it somewhat modern and yet still intelligent. I do not want to dumb anything down for any readers. I don't like it when characters, especially child characters, speak like adults or speak in a voice that is not their own.

As for how quickly the writing is going, well it is going rather slowly at the moment and this is mainly due to the small five year old bundle of energy that seems intent on stalking me at every turn. This bundle of joyous energy is my niece. She is staying with me for a couple of weeks and it has definitely kept me on my toes. It makes me realise that I am definitely not ready to be a mother quite yet. There is something great about looking after a child and knowing that you can give them back to the parents after a matter of days.

Once again, this is a dreadfully short post due to said five year old so I will leave this now and hopefully things will even out.

Peace and pancakes

Word count: 3067
Song of the moment: Grenade - Bruno Mars

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