Friday, 26 November 2010

Slack but not ashamed ...

So, I was aiming to update regular like regarding my NaNoWriMo attempt but other stuff got in the way such as travelling and catching up with family - which I feel is very important but I thought I would let you know that I have not stopped writing, it's just been harder to get to the internets wherever I seem to go. Unfortunately, I am not made of money so I refused to pay for wifi in any of the hotels we stayed in. I didn't feel like paying something like $6.99 an hour for wifi. Sorry if that upsets you but it is the truth.

As to my novel attempt...well, the good news is that it is still going. The bad news is that I still have over 10 000 words to crank out. I'm still pretty confident that I will get it done and then I can add a shiny little badge to my blog page.

Although I stated that I wasn't one to write much about my holidays I thought I would mention that I really enjoyed Disneyland (aside from the crowds) but I loved Universal Studios - I even saw the Mule from Firefly when we went on the tour. I can't help being a geek but you know that I enjoy it so I'm happy with that.

Now, I know I could go on about my travels but I will spare you all my incessant rambling - unfortunately, those who know me personally will get enough of it when I get back.

To bring the focus back onto NaNoWriMo I thought I would mention that my story has gone through some changes and I am currently finding myself in the dilemma that I am not sure who my main character is. To begin with it was going to be Noah but now Thea has somehow managed to weasel her way into centre stage. I'm not complaining but it is a tad annoying trying to figure out who to devote more time too.

I wonder if other 'WriMo writers are having similar problems.

I must finish here as I still have some writing to go.

Peace and pancakes

Wordcount: 39095 (getting close right...)
Tunes: Chains by Che Fu
State of Mind: bordering sleep deprivation

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