Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Oh Harry...what will we do without you...

One: It's Tuesday
Two: It's the Melbourne Cup
Three: Gym tonight
Four: NaNoWriMo (You knew that this was going to come up...)

Isn't that a pretty list. I've seen better though. Anyway, the writing is going surprisingly well and I still wish that I didn't have to travel to lectures daily at the moment. Though...Thursday is library day and I hope you know, by now, what I am going to be doing on Thursday.
Instead of prattling on about 'WriMo I thought I would randomly talk about something else. The only problem with this is that I don't have a pre-arranged topic to discuss in analytical length thus revealing some unknown wisdom to someone (normally me.) Oh my, doesn't that sound horribly pretentious of me.

The only thing I really feel like discussing is the upcoming Harry Potter film. We all know that HPatDH (Part one) is signaling the beginning of an end, so to say. I keep recalling the day that a friend of ours (who happens to be a primary school principal) told my mum about this brilliant book. I, somewhat ashamedly, dismissed it as a children's book and that it was too young for my 15 going on 16 year old self.

Mum, thankfully, bought a copy and on the drive home I began to idly flick through the pages and I can honestly say that the first page had me captured. From there on out it was a battle between my mum and me to see who could finish the books first and we devoured them.

I remember when the fourth book came out and I stayed up all night, stoking the fire and reading by candlelight. (This is probably why I needed glasses...bad reading habits) The pages couldn't turn fast enough and I couldn't get enough. Within several hours I had finished it and found myself left with an empty feeling, knowing that I had to wait until the next book. At least there was fanfiction. Some of it was absolutely brilliant, a lot of it was average and some of it was down right scary.

As I read back over this blog I get the distinct feeling that I sound like an addict who needs a hit...of great literature. I also realise that I've moved directly from the film to the novel. I feel that Rowling is one of those authors who just happened upon the magic formula and had the skills to back up her ideas.

We interrupt this babbling to let you know that my horse didn't win the Melbourne Cup...there is a reason that I don't gamble...;o)

Anyway, although there is a lot more that I could say I best be getting back to my writing.

Wordcount: 2511
Tune: Random announcer for the Melbourne Cup

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