Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My musical year...

As I alternate between my attempt at NaNoWriMo and finishing uni I find myself thinking back over the year. In doing this I have realised that the best way that I measure time is via music. Since I have spent a lot of this year in a car I have turned to itunes in an attempt to make my trip less boring. Podcasts have become good friends but they are a lot harder to sing along too. Whereas, songs provide the perfect opportunity for me to embarrass myself almost daily. Those of you who know me understand what I mean...

I better explain what I mean by measuring the year by music. Well, I am somewhat neurotic in that I date and label any Cd's that I burn.* And, as I was attempting to clean my car the other day I came across a series of these Cd's and, just from looking at the dates, I could trace my year back to September of last year...**

Along with dating the Cd's I give them funky, or what I think are funky, little names. Some of my favourites include Bad Day Mix, Geek Mix 2.4 and Tunes for Driving. As you can see, my creativity knows no bounds. Also, on these Cd's I have a mix of current songs and old school songs. So if we go back towards the start of the year there would be some Lady Gaga, followed by Jason Derulo, BEP and so on. I put these ones here because they are a bit more chart noticed. Along with these popular choices I also have some Trock (Time Lord rock - songs about Dr. Who) and some Wrock (Wizard rock - songs about Harry Potter) ***

With all this talk about music I keep thinking about some of brilliant singer/songwriters out there, especially on YouTube. There is so much talent there that I am just plain amazed at how many people go unsigned. Then again, I have no idea about marketing or getting an agent so it could be that there is a lot more that goes into that.

What I am trying to say is that I thought I might list some of my current favourites on YouTube and let you guys decide what you think about these amazing people.

Danna Richards
Tyler Ward and Co
Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui

There are many more but, as per usual, I was unprepared for what this was going to be about. Now I must get back to my writing and I'm technically supposed to be working as well...

* After I have bought the tunes from itunes
** I failed at cleaning the car though I did find out why my backseat was smelling a bit funky. My niece had secret squirrelled away her MacDonald's hamburger in the fold of the seat. Sigh...let's just say that it wasn't what I expected to find in my car...most normal people I know find money not bits of hamburger.
*** Thus proving that my geekiness also knows no bounds.

NaNoWriMo wordcount - 5445
Tunes - Airplanes - BoB feat Hayley Williams

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