Thursday, 23 July 2009

Of dreams of running and worlds within worlds...

What if you could slip through the cracks, literally? What if you found yourself in a world very similar to your own yet very different at the same time? Mattie Allerdice has suddenly found out that her earth is not as alone as she once believed.

Anyway, how the above blurb came about was through the rather peculiar dream I had last night which involved a girl running up the stairs into a huge library, turning down a quiet stack of books and finding an odd door that she had never seen. She pushes open the door and see that it opens into another library though something is very different. There are mistakes on the books. Authors assigned to the wrong titles. She is slowly drawn into the world of the wallwalkers (a title in progress I have to admit) a selected group whose job is to keep the peace between the worlds and to stop any who wish to do harm to the other worlds.

So, this dream has stuck with me all day to the extent that on my lunch break I barely ate. Instead I grabbed my pen and notebook (something that should be on an author's personage at all times) and began furiously scribbling down ideas and the likes till I had a roughly developed story in my mind which is getting more filled out as the day goes along. So I thought I would record it here right now before starting out on it.

This means, however, that my other story will have to go on the back burner at the moment as this story has me moving at such an odd momentum I cannot stand aside and let it pass. I know it's odd to refer to a story having a life of it's own but this one seems like it does so I will give it free reign over my thoughts for now.

Novel word count - none so far for the new novel as I am still in the planning stage but bear with me...:o)

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