Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dribble and Drabble

As she moved down the corridor she sensed that she was being watched. The chill in the air became more intense and she smiled wryly as her breath condensed in front of her. She knew what was coming and she was more than prepared. The small, sensible part of her mind, tried to explain that she shouldn't be feeling so confident but she pushed the voice aside. She knew what she was doing as she carefully began opening her rugsack.

So that was just something that was floating around in my noggin so I thought I would let it run free for the moment. Anyway, I must start focusing on my novel which, at present is currently sitting on a paltry 9611 words. The basic premise is that it is an urban fantasy set in London in the present day. I'm not sure where it is going but so far I have three main characters but I feel like I may need to add a third.

I am trying to incorporate more unknown myths and legends into my stories rather then those that are rather common. Not meaning any disrespect to them it's just that I want to create something new.

So there may be the occasional djinn cropping up or maybe something else.

Anyway, I may add a little snippet of it if this blog works but it's still early days.


Novel Word Count 9611

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