Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Good fantasy books...aka Neil Gaiman is my idol...

So, as I have been told by many, to be able to write you must read a lot. And, I do. I love urban fantasy, high fantasy, science fiction, crime and other general fiction and I am always on the look out for another good author.

As I want to write an urban fantasy novel I try to read up on a lot of different ideas and I have just started getting into steampunk fiction but am not really sure where to start with that. So, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Yet, I have to admit I love reading anything by Neil Gaiman. Neverwhere was the first of his novels that I read and I can't get enough of it. It's such a work of brilliance. The whole idea of being able to disappear into a world that interacts with our own but is still really different. I used to have daydreams about stuff like that. I probably still do but that's a different story.

And then I read American Gods and too this day I really want to go on a road trip across the States just soaking in the plethora of unique culture that you cannot find anywhere else. The way that Gaiman writes his characters makes them so interesting. They are not your typical heroes and I love that. Shadow seems like a interesting character, he's not the smartest of people but he's not dumb. He knows what he's good at and he readily accepts his mistakes. Not many real people can claim that much.

And Gaiman's short stories give of the same ideas. They are so unique and I have all his books and I swear I have bought Neverwhere as a present at least eight times...

Anyway, if you can reccommend any other good books or authors please let me know.

Until next time...

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