Saturday, 3 May 2014

Things I Do When I'm Sick...

It's the last Saturday of the holidays and, since yesterday, I've been sick. Just a stupid cold with a wicked cough but I've been laid up in bed for nearly two days. So, to make myself feel better I thought I'd make a list of things that I do to make myself feel not so useless and feel a little more human...

First - I draw. I love to do arts and crafts but I'm normally so busy with school work that I don't really get a chance to indulge myself in my true passions.

These are a couple that I've done just to make me feel a little better. (I hate being sick...I'm constantly on the move so being forced to stay still irks me...I'm also stubborn...)

Another thing I do is catch up on my own personal reading. In this case I'm re-reading this series:

The Belgariad was one of my first ventures into epic fantasy. It has a special place in my heart though I'm really not sure why I have double ups of many of the books. (Queen of Sorcery is sitting on my bed...two books nearly finished in two days...a bonus of being sick.)

Then there is staying hydrated. Along with water and orange juice, Bungaberg Ginger Beer is a staple for when I'm sick. (Thanks flatmate for buying the liquid goodness) Plus fruit - feijoas, bananas, oranges...

Trying to stay healthy though I did have a bag of crispy M&Ms this morning...there is something to be said for comfort food...

Then, when I'm not coughing some video games always work as a great distraction. 

These are my go to games. Yes - I'm replaying The Last of Us for the third or fourth time...this time I'm done with normal - bring on the hard level...don't know if I'm brave enough to do Survivor...

Then there is sleeping. I had myself a 'nana' nap this afternoon...more from the fact that I had spent half the night coughing but still...

A hot bath is also great but, after about ten minutes, I start to feel lazy. 

Finally - I bought myself a gift. Say hi to Albert...look at that attitude...

Anyway, these are some of the things that I do to keep myself occupied while sick. I also, apparently, take bad photography. That's next on my hobby list...learn how to take semi decent, arty photos...

I'm going to fix myself some dinner now...peace all. 


  1. Hooray for the Belgariad. I seem to have misplaced my Pawn of Prophecy, but I have the rest. I still love Polgara's cheesegrater threats, and, of course, Silk. It holds a special place in my heart too.

    I'm having fun with Civ V, and on the android: Plague Inc, and Into the Dead (who doesn't love a good strategic world domination game, and a good zombie game anyway?)

    Hope you're feeling better and on the mend. I've just an annoying headache that won't go away. :/

    Love your dino. He has such an expressive face.

    1. I have two copies if you'd like me to send you one. :)

  2. I practically do the same thing when I'm sick! Normally, I just revert to my games that are mostly fantasy-RPGs. However, if ever I get confined in a hospital, I'll probably do more reading. I'm also a fan of epic fantasy! Anyway, it's good that you even included the staying hydrated part. I certainly enjoy a banana or two when i have the flu. I hope you're doing better now! Stay healthy!

    Earnestine Doescher @ U.S. Healthworks