Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekend Round Up #15

After three days of storms, flooding and power outages the sun has emerged - just in time for me to write my blog...typical.

So, I, rather stupidly, bought Alien: Colonial Marines for the PS3 thinking that it was going to be a bit of fun. Unfortunately, it ruined some of the original allure for the Weyland Yutani world of Alien/Aliens but now there is a new Alien game coming out...Alien: Isolation set 15 years after the Nostromo 'disappeared' and starring Amanda Ripley (Ripley's daughter).

Watch this behind the scenes:

I love seeing this stuff because there is always a lot of effort going into things like this. I mean, I watched a behind the scenes thing on The Last of Us which was amazing as well. Plus, this game looks pretty good so far!

And from aliens to little's the Annie trailer. It brings out the musical geek in me...

Then there is this...Browncoat for life...

Stephen Bryne mashed Firefly with Disney art styles and I love it. There is some amazing artwork on his page, check it out!

Here there be spoilers for the dreaded Purple Wedding - you have been warned...

(Source Dorkly) Basically, things I've learned from George R.R. Martin - don't go to colour themed weddings...

And finally, HISHE have done it again with this amazing video.

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend.

Peace and pancakes

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