Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend Round Up #10

We're hitting the double digits. Oh yeah.
The cold has mostly left my system.
I've been doing school work today (Yes I am aware it is the weekend...)
Plus, Days of the Future Past arrived in my mailbox.

The above is a weird form of poetry...I could be making that up but that is the beauty of being an English teacher.

And onto the show...

First up we have a scary wee flick called Lights Out. David F. Sandberg won the best director award for this Who's There BC Horror Challenge.

Lights Out

I watched it with headphones in and had a wee moment of terror. It's great.

Next we have some amazing Gender Swap art which looks amazing.

This neat artwork is done by Maby at Check out the lovely art. 

You all know that I love people who can do good impressions and I love Disney. So, here, for your viewing pleasure see Brian sing "Let it Go" from Frozen as different Disney and Pixar characters. 

It's pretty amazing. 

Then there is the new leaked image for the Sailor Moon reboot which has me a little nostalgic for High School. Not that I'd ever want to relive those days...Check out the Official Site for more info. Though it is all in Japanese. :)

And, finally, this amazing image from the set of NBC's Constantine has me a little excited. 

This guy looks like the Constantine I know from the comics and graphic novels. 

I mean, look at that. I can't wait for this show...though I may be getting excited to early.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Peace and pancakes,


  1. Ah, Sailor Moon. Now another generation of young boys can fantasize about a goofy looking, yet kinda sexualized cartoon.

    1. I can't say anything - I had a bit of a thing for Tuxedo Mask. In my young teenaged days he was quite the romantic and tragic gentleman.

    2. The actor from Costantine looks a bit like Jaime Lannester from Game of Thrones. I checked, it is not the same guy.

    3. I can see that though. Hmm...I think he'd also be a good choice for the part though.