Saturday, 12 November 2011

Brief Apologetic Post

There isn't much to this post. I am dreadfully busy with NaNoWriMo, marking exams and getting everything sorted for my holiday so I haven't had a chance to update.

Also, I haven't had anything really interesting to say, mainly because I want this blog to be more than just me griping about work and the such. (Plus I'm waiting on wedding photos so you can see me in my full, dressy embarrassing glory.)

So - until things settle down I'm having a blogging hiatus. It's now how I wanted things to go but I really don't want to write boring blogs or ones that don't feel right but I'm desperate to post. 

I hope you have it in your hearts to understand and forgive me.

If you miss my wit and snark feel free to email me and I will respond with a delightfully snarky email to make you feel better.

I hope that this hiatus will not last too long.

Take care all you wonderful and amazing bloggers. (Almost spelt that one wrong.)

Peace and Pancakes.


  1. These things happen in life. We'll still be here when you do have something to post. Meanwhile, enjoy living life!!! Hugs

  2. From the Tilting at windmills family to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Miss you! And join the no-guilt bloggers. Blog when you need to, not because you have to. :)