Monday, 12 September 2011

When I yell I sound like...

...A cat being strangled. It isn't fun to listen to and it sure isn't fun to do but that is beside the point.

Today I'd like to do a little segment called 'Things I've Learned'. For those of you playing at home the simple rules are to list things (normally obvious things) that you have learned recently. So, here goes my list for today.

  1. When filling up the car either enter a set amount or make sure you read the right gauge while free-filling. In other words, litres are different to dollars. I stupidly thought I was reading the dollar sign and stopped when it got to 30. Oddly enough, it was the litres sign. $61.77 dollars later. 
  2. Teenagers are a lot more naive in some contexts than they are in others. In other words - yes, teachers understand pig Latin and, no, you cannot swear in pig Latin. 
  3. When setting the electric fence, make sure it's off before you move it. (This also applies to peeing on an electric mean feat for a female...)
  4. When trying on clothes, ensure the door is shut, latched, barricaded - just to avoid any mishaps. 
  5. When teaching - if you've lost the lesson plan...fake it. 

Anyway, my weekend was hectic but I did manage to watch Sunday on TV1 which was all about 9/11 ( 11.09 depending on where you live in the world.) As I sat there watching the familiar scenes I found myself feeling upset that people have the capability to hurt each other that way. There is no excuse for that.

I have always tried to see the good in people. Admittedly, for some people their 'good' might be buried a little deeper than usual. Yet, I find it terrible that we have the ability to inflict pain in so many different ways. I know that there are people out there who see the world in black and white and that is part of the reason I went into teaching - to challenge people to think differently.

Sorry, that got a little heavy. What I mean to say is that my heart goes out to every person who has lost someone they love - be it on 9/11 or  any time.

I'm babbling. So to curb my written diarrhea I shall finish here.

Hope everyone had a super weekend. I'm off to mark some essays.


  1. When I yell, I sound like a crazed lunatic! Or so I'm told. Doesn't happen too often though, thank goodness.
    Lesson plans?! What are they then?

  2. I learned that it's pretty much impossible to gauge gasoline when you fill up your car via the suck-n-spit siphon method. Some may look down upon this as theft, but hey, if your gas door doesn't have a lock...Oh, yeah. And gasoline tastes like cancer.

  3. i want to hear the clothes-changing story!

  4. @Miss Teacher - sometimes, however, you just have to yell. It doesn't seem to do anything so I don't know why I bother.

    @AbftS - I always wondered what cancer tasted like. Now I know.

    @-E-'s just say it rates up there with the time I accidentally flashed an old guy in Majorca.