Thursday, 15 September 2011

Miss...are you serious?

Me- Contrary to popular belief, films weren't always in colour.
Student - What do you mean, miss?
Me - The earliest films were shot in black and white.
Student - Didn't they have paint back then?
Me- Huh?
Student - Couldn't they paint colour onto the film.

This is definitely a laugh situation. Actually, it's a situation where you try not to laugh out loud at the dear student. And, it gets me to thinking of what my teachers must have thought of me when I would ask some rather left field questions. I'm pretty sure I never asked about paint though.

I was also talking to a fellow first year teacher and she happened to mention that some of the students in one of her classes did not realise that mobile phones are relatively new in the scheme of things. I had to have a little giggle as it made me think of something I'd seen or read...? It may be by a comedian or something though the name escapes me now. Anyway, it's about how most people don't wear watches now and to check the time they check their phone. Whoever it was mentioned how, sooner or later, tapping your wrist to indicate time will no longer exist. (I'm sure it's a clip or something...)

Another interesting exchange happened the other day. I was scolding my students because they were being rude and I said something along the lines of:

"I'm not amused by your juvenile behaviour."

To which the response was - "Miss, I don't understand anything you say. You don't even speak English."

It was another laugh moment but this time it was mixed with a little sadness because I thought, if I'm not speaking English how on earth am I meant to be teaching it.

I was going to add an inspirational something at the bottom of this but I'm doing this sneaky post at school while waiting to observe an exam so I will leave it at that.


  1. actually they did paint color unto film, you know.

  2. "Couldn't they paint colour onto the film."


  3. @-E- don't tell me that. *sigh* Actually I do recall something like that but my students never need to know...actually, I will tell them tomorrow. :)

    @ That Blond Guy - some of the words of wisdom that come from these little dears. :)

  4. Want to feel old? Try explaining record players to them. I bet you're greeted with blank stares.

  5. I feel old when I have to explain to them when TMNT first came out. Or GI Joe. Or anything from the 80s. We were so lucky growing up when we did!

  6. My first old moment (years back now) was when I was at a New Years Eve party and KC and the Sunshine Band came on and my friend asked, "Who is that?"

  7. Oh no. I love KC and the Sunshine Band...the classics are sometimes the best! :)

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  9. Though... Why didn't they really paint colour onto the film? People should've shown atlerast some initiation back then, lazy people..

  10. @Eris I promise I will translate what you've written when I have a spare moment. :)

    @neatfit - definitely! I have to admit I keep having a "painting the roses red" moment when I think about it.