Friday, 23 September 2011

In which I confess something...

I am ashamed to admit this but I recently had to face an addiction. It was something I did just because I was bored. It was something so mind numbing that I actually found it a fun kind of relief. I would rush home at the end of the school day, desperate to continue in my addiction. I would watch my little farmer wander around the farm, harvesting crops and animals. I waited, patiently, for my XP points to rise higher and higher. But yesterday I realised that it wasn't healthy...hell, it wasn't even fun!

That's right, folks, I played millions of others. I had my crops on the grow and my buildings slowly being erected all over the place.* It wasn't until yesterday, however, that I realised how much of my precious time I wasted making sure my 'virtual' crops didn't wither. So, as of 5pm-ish yesterday, the 23rd of September, I finally blocked the application and have not looked at it since.

I actually have been hanging my head in shame at the amount of time that I spent on that site. It's not a bad game or anything but I realised that I have more books to read and more films to watch. Also, I grew up on a freaking farm so why the heck did I want to play on one virtually. Not to mention, I can devote more time to my blogging and writing. Oh Farmville, you enabler of procrastination you!

Phew...I feel better after admitting that.

*Feel free to laugh at this. I sure as hell did...


  1. I haven't farmed in months. I haven't blocked the app yet but farmville is no longer on my to do list. Instead, I have been playing poker! Damn facebook games!!!!

    I only recently started blogging and haven't played any games since. I guess I found my new addiction! Anything to procrastinate!

  2. Some call it Farmville others call it Twitter...but to name a few time-sucks! Aaargh! I hear ya, I'm supposed to be grocery shopping but I can't seem to leave my laptop. Good for you for resisting the farmer!

  3. @danjor21 - I feel blogging is a better addiction anyway! :)

    @Sandra - so laptop is almost my best friend.

  4. haha, i like how it was a big shameful secret for you! i played world of warcraft for a while, if it's any consolation.

  5. I am ashamed...hey I played WoW for a bit as well. :)

  6. Farmville, eh? I'm sure they'd love you at an NA meeting:)