Thursday, 29 September 2011

I just don't understand...

Okay - picture this:

It's 7.30am and I have already been up for two hours. I'm in town, dressed smart casual for work and I stop into the local supermarket to pick up some fruit for lunch. As I walk in I find myself following a woman in her pyjamas. Not a girl, or a teen, but a woman. In bright pink/purple pyjamas. But, she was wearing a proper shirt. It's as if she got half way dressed and said 'frak it...I can't be bothered with the rest..."

What makes this even more amusing is that she walks straight to the wine and beer section, collects a bottle of cheap wine, clutches it to her chest and walks to the counter. And, when I say clutches it to her chest I really mean it. I swear, she was not going to let go of that thing. For a moment I thought she might actually try breast feeding it.

This leads me onto a list of things I just don't understand...

One: Wearing pyjamas out in public unless on a dare. Seriously - if you have slept in them they will be a little rank plus, I don't need to see you walking around town like you're someone so cool cause you're still wearing your pyjamas. There is no real excuse for you to still be in your pj's after you've got up!

Two: People who start drinking at the arse crack of dawn on a Wednesday. Seriously? Unless you got a promotion or are a student you have no excuse...especially if you are on any form of welfare...

Three: Being so politically correct that you are technically lying. You know what I mean.

Four: Jeggings...or any form of tights not worn with a long shirt or dress. (And by long I mean it has to cover your arse and crotch) I don't like walking down the street and seeing camel toe left right and centre...not cool. Also, tights don't necessarily make you look slimmer, ladies...FYI. I'm a curvy girl and I can guarantee that doesn't work!

And number Five: Expecting me to understand that the reason you didn't do your homework was because there was too much writing involved...It's an essay...for English...what the hell do you expect to do? I'm sorry you don't like English but it's the language that we speak here and, if you want to succeed, you do need to try!

And so ends my rather random rant. (Alliteration...damn it...I've become a teacher.) Actually, I meant to have another post up earlier but I had to write more reports/letters/lessons/notes. Then daylight savings hit and I have been all over the place.

Also, I have been writing extremely bad rhyming poetry and making up my own musicals...thankfully the end of term is close!

Until next time...


  1. Excellent post and glad someone else has a distaste for pajamas in public, drinking that early and plus size gals wearing leggings/skinny jeans etc. It is not pretty.

  2. Do we get to see some of your bad rhyming poetry and musicals?

    I wish the end of term was close for me. I've only just started a new academic year and I'm struggling already.

  3. @Bouncin' Barb - I know, right? Plus sized girls can dressed awesomely but there are just somethings we cannot get away with...:)

    @Miss Teacher - there is a distinct possibility...though it is pretty bad.

    I am mentally exhausted - teachers work a lot harder than most realise. I'm sending you good luck and as much energy as I can spare. :)

  4. But it's still alright if a man wears jeggings, right? Right?

  5. I love walking around in my pajamas! Granted, they are just shorts, but whats wrong with a grown man, walking around in bball shorts and clutching a 40 oz??

  6. @ABftS - of can get away with it ;)

    @Kid Shuffle - comment? ;)

  7. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!