Monday, 22 August 2011

Things that amused me over the weekend...(and a little today...)

Because I have been busy with teaching as well as working part time in my parents takeaway shop I find myself sitting down to write this blog at later and later times, making me a cranky wee thing in the morning. However, I am mighty stubborn and I enjoy writing this blog. Plus I enjoy reading all the blogs that I follow, although I have to admit I haven't been as up to date on the commenting as I would like to be but time and myself just aren't getting along. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning this is because some of my posts are going to be relegated to list posts until I have found this supposed life work balance thing that everyone prattles on about but I am pretty sure is a myth. (I forgot to breathe in that sentence, sorry.)

Anyway, today's list will be five things that I found amusing or interesting over the weekend. Hope that some of them bring a smile to your face!

Five Photographer Rejects Bullies
I found this article posted at The Mary Sue website and I had to add a link to it here because this girl is plain awesome. Not to mention how inspiring she is! Basic run down is that this photographer runs her own business and when she found out that some of her young clients were posting nasty comments on a page set up to bully other girls she emailed them and their parents telling them that she would not be taking their photos. She sent screen caps of the nasty comments in the emails so the students could not deny it. Basically, this woman is a legend for standing up to what she believes in!

Four xkcd: Marie Curie
I love xkcd, ever since a good friend told me about them and this is one I found over the weekend and thought I would share it with you. I might even share it with my classes because it is pretty sweet!

Three  Scary Beautiful Art
This artist is amazing. And it is a little scary. Not this one per se but some of them...

Two I started to re-read Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier which is an amazing re-telling of the the Germanic myth of the seven swans. It might not be for everyone but it is beautifully written and the characters really do come to life.

One Alex Reads Creation
Alex Day is a British YouTuber who is an atheist. He read Twilight and gave a snarky commentary and now he's started on the Bible. I just find it amusing. (No offence intended's just something I thought rather amusing.)


  1. I like some snark. Also, that art is a bit creepy. If I saw that web-finned girl in my room, I'd probably start hitting her with a rolled up newspaper.

  2. I just had this hilarious image of cartoon you beating the crap out of web-finned girl with an old newspaper. That has made my morning.

  3. i think that balance is mythical unfortunately.