Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ch Ch Changes

There are some changes going on around here and not just with the seasons rolling from winter into spring.
I know that I stated earlier that I was going to post regularly on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule and that was my honest intention but, with school, pretending to get healthy and finding time just to do absolutely nothing I have decided to change a few things.

So, instead of posting on the Friday I will move it over to Saturday. The main reason for this is it is the only time when I feel alive, have had enough coffee and find myself vaguely humorous.* It also gives me the chance to actually think about what I can write instead of leaping headfirst into writing like I do the other two days. 

Well, that was only one real change but I felt like channeling Bowie since I have been watching Moon, which is directed by his son. (This is the film I have been teaching my Year 12 students so I'm starting to not like it as much as I used to but I'm guessing that this is the curse of the teacher. A film is never just a film...though I think I've always thought that like.)

Oh, I might also have another go at changing the layout of my blog because last time was a disaster. But, this is all for now because I am being dragged to the business and leisure show in town. Not sure why but, hey, free trip into town. Obviously I'm living the high life because nothing beats small town randomness...who knows what might happen next.

One final thing - I just had a massive hit of deja vu. I just wanted to mention it because I've been having it a lot lately and wondered whether any of you have had it?** It could just be my overactive imagination so I'll leave you with that bit of weirdness.

Take care.

See ya on Monday.

EDIT: Just got back from the Business and Leisure roadshow thing where I didn't buy a thing. However, I went to the local DVD store and got five DVDs for $30. What's more exciting I went to the library where they were selling ex-stock and I got five books for...wait for it...$1. $1...yay. 

*Actually I think I'm funny 24/7 but my students and many others don't really agree.
**On a second reading that sounds like I've been taking some form of naughty substance. I can assure you I haven't! I'm a good girl. :)


  1. I like it! Good job you mentioned it to me!

  2. the deja vu might be because of the coffee. caffeine does weird things to my brain, at least.

  3. I'm going to blame the coffee as well! I like that idea - though I think my brain does weird things on its own.