Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Thoughts on the recent news...

By now the entire world is aware of the events that have conspired over the last few days. No, I'm not talking about the Royal Wedding...been there and done that. The event that I am talking writing about is the death of Osama Bin Laden.

I'm not going to go into much detail as all the details have yet to be made clear to everyone who wasn't involved. I have never really felt relieved for someones death before and I don't really feel relieved now. Don't get me wrong, he deserved whatever was coming to him but it goes against my entire being to celebrate or feel glad that someone is dead. But, in saying that, he wasn't a nice person and he was responsible for so much death, terror and destruction. In much the same way as those responsible for mass murder and genocide need to pay for their actions so did Osama.*

But a quote popped up on my twitter feed and I felt the need to share it because it sums up how I feel.

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy."**

This is all for today. I just needed to write about how I felt. Tomorrow I will provide a better post and let you know what is going on in the wacky world of me but until then...peace and pancakes.

Oh - I do have a question for you - how do you feel about the news of his death? Do you think that his death will change anything?

*This sentence looks clumpy. I can't figure out how to re-word it at the moment as I seem to be in the middle of a caffeine buzz and my brain is racing faster than a Delorian hopping through time. (Note the awesome Back to the Future reference...) Though 88mph isn't really that fast...is it?

** According to Twitter this is a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. However, I can't confirm this at this time so I will leave it uncredited until I confirm who said it. For an interesting read click here.


  1. Means nothing to me, the world no safer than it was before and I'm actually quite repulsed by the "they started it first" rhetoric. Lets just ignore the fact they created him.

    The street scenes in New York and Washington remind me of the "death to America" chants we see in the middle east.

    It's all just a tit for tat game except it's the innocents that are harmed.

  2. My thoughts are always going to be with the innocence. They are the ones that truly matter in the end.

    I just felt wrong celebrating death. Relieved that he's dead but not happy...sigh