Saturday, 28 May 2011

On why I should be scared of bugs but I'm not...

In the ongoing saga of insects in my life I woke last night, convinced that there was something moving in my bed. As I was half asleep I couldn't see anything and I really didn't want to turn on my light because it would have burnt my know what I mean - that first moment when you turn on the light after waking up and you feel as if you have been staring into the sun for several minutes. So, in an half arsed attempt, I felt around, trying to see if I could find what it was to no avail. Because I was half asleep and I could no longer feel anything I went back to sleep. *

When I wake up in the morning I happen to glance over at my pillow and performed one of my non screams since there was a freaking huge cockroach just chilling on my pillow. Now, whether this was the thing moving in my bed or not it still wasn't something I expected to see on my pillow in the early hours of the morning. This just means that in the last few weeks I've had a maggot encounter and now a cockroach one. Oh, not to mention the massive huntsman spider I found chilling on my wall.

Before you say anything my house is clean. It's not like I live in a pig sty or anything resembling that I just seem to attract insects. Maybe I should re-label myself the bug lady? I could start dressing in green and just make my glasses more round and insectoid like. And now I keep seeing myself as Rita Skeeter. ** Also, even after all this I still don't mind be rather honest I find them fascinating. I still would be a bit wary with shoving my hand into a container full of bugs but I'm still not going to run screaming from one end of the house to the other.

So, since bugs seem to be my calling at the moment I am going to watch The X Files episode "Ice" from Season One. You know the one? Where there are those parasites that cause rage and general anger management issues...

In other news that I'm still of one mind - I may have gotten a job in my local bookstore. It's only for four months so far but I'm a bit undecided on the whole issue. This is due mainly to the fact that it's the job I had five years ago and left just before I went overseas. I feel kinda of like I've gone in a giant circle? Ah well - at least it will be a regular source of income for a few months and I'll still have time to write...hopefully.

*This proves that I would probably be one of the first to die in a horror film. Or maybe not first cause I'm pretty sure I'm not dumb enough to be one of those girls sneaking off for a the middle of the forest. Nor am I dimb enough to wear high heels in the middle of the woods. Who does that?
**Bonus points for the Harry Potter mention? Right? Please?



    I love HP too.

    Also, I HATE BUGS. They completely creep me out. I'm with Ron on this one.

  2. Lol. Harry Potter is all levels of brilliance and awesome. Yay for bonus Potter points.

  3. You didn't scream?! How?

    And you're back at the Whi? Okay... I see the logic. Did relief teaching not work out then?

    And you get bonus points and butterbeer for your HP mention. ;)

  4. ::*::greedily grabs at butterbeer::*:: Might be back at the Whi - yeah I couldn't even bring myself to do relief teaching...I'm a big bundle of messed up nerves at the moment...sigh...

  5. You have cockroaches in your bed? You live in the inner city, too?

  6. Nope I have the evil country variety. Right little buggers they are. No where near as sophisticated as your city ones!