Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hot Stuff and dressing like an Addams.

What song do you sing in the shower? Come on, do tell...it seriously can't be any worse than what I just found myself belting out. My songs of choice, today, just happened to be a melding of Donna Summer's Hot Stuff and All That Jazz from the musical Chicago. (For some strange reason I sounded like Rachel Berry - just not the singing talent. More of the 'I-can-rattle-off-seminal-Broadway-classics' Rachel.)

So, what do you find yourself singing in the shower?

Onto different news or non news if you want to view it that way. Although I would love to stay unemployed and writing full time a job has fallen into my lap. It is a job that I left five years ago when I decided that I needed to move overseas. I mentioned it briefly in my last post because it wasn't as much of a certainty as it is now which is why I find myself needing to go into town and hunt for black trousers. My job is at a bookstore but not one of those quaint, independent stores where you can let your inner hipster fly free* and wear whatever anarchistic shirt or whatever. This place is a nationwide company that has been in and out of the news lately and likes their employees to resemble beat poets from the 1960s...basically we have to dress in black.

I know black is supposed to be slimming but I'm a tad on the pale side** so wearing black is more than likely going to make me resemble either a vampire or Uncle Fester - just with more hair.*** I mean, the Addams family are pretty awesome but I don't know if I could pull off their look, you know. Anyway, I'm still of two minds about this job but it does mean that I will have regular money coming in...real money and not imaginary money so I might actually be able to afford something nicer than noodles in a cup...Oh the excitement I can barely contain it. Anyway, I've got to get going - toodle loo...****

*Not that I have an inner hipster - or any hipster for that matter...I'm pretty sure I fall squarely into the geek mold...
** I lie - I'm whiter than a frigging Cullen...damn my English heritage that makes me turn red but not tan.
*** I realise that I should have compared myself to Wednesday Addams rather than Uncle Fester - fail...
**** - I can't believe I wrote toodle loo...sigh...I need to get out more.

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