Monday, 23 May 2011

In which I have a craptastic day...

I've tried to write a post all day today and every time I start I get three sentences in then get annoyed, throw my hands up in disgust and wander away to read A Game of Thrones or do something other than grumble and moan. Today has not been a great day mood wise. It is rather appropriate that I'm reading the above book at the moment because here in little old New Zealand winter is definitely coming.

Normally, I love winter. I love scarves and gloves (especially the fetching pair of mittens that my good friend knitted me - I'm all sixes and sevens when it comes to knitting but this girl can knit circles around everyone I know!) I love winter coats and hats but, most of all, I love winter in the UK. There is something about walking around central London all bundled up seeing the Christmas lights and drinking mulled wine or winter Pimms. In my hometown it just gets cold and soggy. Very soggy. Sure there are some beautiful frosts and the days tend to be rather beautiful but there is something missing. Maybe it's just me missing 'home'.

Anyway, as far as Mondays go, this one was pretty terrible and I take full responsibility. I just found myself having a foul day and, unfortunately, it got progressively worse until I removed myself from general humanity to hide in all my foul glory. It was just one of those days were anything that could go wrong did go wrong. I miscalled an important number and made an arse of myself. I snapped at people who didn't deserve to be snapped at and I kept dropping things and tripping over things.

I think the best way to describe my feelings for today is through this link to the witty and wonderful Hyperbole and a Half:
Sneaky Hate Spiral Go on, click it. You know you want too...She's brilliant.

So, I'm going to leave you with this rather lacklustre post while I go and drown my sorrows and hide until the spiral is gone and it's no longer Monday...

Oh here's a music clip just cause I need to listen to some good music

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