Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Top Five Literary Villains

Hey, look at that, it's a post that I promised a while back. You know...right after I did top five movie villains because there were some of those bad guys that started off in book form first. So, here's that list.

The Joker
He is one of the most insane, sadistic and kooky bad guys that have ever graced the pages of a book. Don't believe me, read Arkham Asylum. Then there are all the people that he inspires to follow him. Just look at Harley Quinn. That girl has some serious issues if she thinks the Joker really loves her. I know that he is better known thanks to the late Heath Ledger but still, he is one bad guy I would never want to meet at any time.

Hannibal Lector
The ultimate gentleman and connoisseur, not to mention, completely insane. His insanity is clouded by his brilliance in most cases and he has bested many foes all while helping said foes capture other bad guys. He is a true anti hero.

Do I really need to explain this choice? He wanted to kill or enslave Middle Earth and he would go to any means to do this. Talk about your power hungry bad guys. Thank goodness for Frodo and Samwise...oh and we cannot foget Gollum.

One of Shakespeare's best villains. He betrayed, schemed and, ultimately, destroyed nearly every character in Othello. What's worse is that there is no real reason for him to do any such thing aside from revenge and, even then, that is just an excuse. Basically he was a real bastard.*

Bill Sikes
Oliver Twist is one of my favourites of Dicken's work and Bill Sikes is a just awful, which makes him a great villain. He kills Nancy, beats his dog and is just  a real bastard. I was always told that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their dogs...

So, this is my list for today. Runner ups include Huck Fin's pa, Steerpike, Mrs Coulter, Captain Hook and many more.
Enjoy your day and hopefully it is not as soggy as mine is turning out to be.

*Yep, I swore. But it is the truth. 


  1. not sure the last 2-3 count as literary villains but interesting post.

  2. Interesting. I was a little unsure on who I would choose myself but I knew that I had to have Iago due to a discussion I had at university a few years ago. :o)