Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Five reasons why my local library is in (dire) need of an update...

So, I went into my local library today because I need some new reading material and I can't bring myself to spend $30 on a new book when I can order them from the UK for 1/3 of the price. Anyway, I went in and was going to get several books to last me till my books arrive via post but I am sad to say that I left empty handed.

This leads me to my list for today. Five reasons why my local library sucks needs help.

DISCLAIMER - this is intended as slightly tongue in cheek due to the fact that I live in a small town. The librarians actually do quite a good job for what they are given. 

One - Lack of books
I know that no library has every book on earth but there are some staples that all libraries should have - right? Apparently my library is the exception. I could find only one Vonnegut book, no Bradbury, no Upton Sinclair...shall I go on? It was upsetting to find so few classics when they had several stands of Mills and Boons romance books and at least two sets of Twilight.

Two - No Organisation
In my humble opinion I feel that bookstores and libraries should follow the same layout in how they organise their books. My library doesn't believe this. All fiction genres are mixed together so you can''t go to a specific section to find the books of your choice. Don't get me started on how all the graphic novels seem to find their way into the children's section. I'm sure mothers want their youngsters reading From Hell or Arkham Asylum...

Three - Out dated posters
I love to know about new books but when they are still advertising books from three years ago as new - well...

Four - Bad Librarians. 
I am sorry but the librarians at my local library are pretty shocking. The noise level in any library can normally be attributed to young children who don't know any better but in this library it is the librarians and they talk loud. Not just loud but loud loud...

Five - Lack of full sets of a series. 
Nothing annoys me more than reading the first one or two books in a series at a library only to find that they don't have the complete set. Imagine getting halfway through the Dark is Rising sequence only to have to order the rest of the series to finish it...sigh.

Oh my - this list makes me sound rather cantankerous but I swear I'm not...just a little neurotic.

Anyway, until tomorrow...

EDIT: I need to check things more carefully - did you spot any errors? Let me know...

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